Strawberry paper

500g strawberry purée

30g caster sugar

20g super neutrose

Strawberry sorbet

1kg strawberry purée

40g lemon juice

40g sugar

5g gellan gum

Spiced strawberry purée

500g strawberry purée

125ml balsamic vinegar

5g mixed peppercorns

3g star anise

Basil oil

1bunch of picked basil

300g of pomace oil

Creme chantilly canister

200ml milk

200ml cream

1 vanilla pod (seeds)

2 leaves gelatine

2 gas capsules


200g egg whites

400g sugar

2 vanilla pods (seeds)


Strawberry paper

Boil the purée in a saucepan. Mix the sugar and the super neutrose together. Mix the sugar and the super neutrose to the purée. Place the mix into a thermomix and blend on level 7 for 9 minutes. Spread the mixture thinly onto a rubber pastry mat. Dry in the oven at 86c for about 2 hours.

Strawberry sorbet

Blend all ingredients together. Pass and churn in an ice cream maker.

Spiced strawberry purée

Place the purée and vinegar into a medium sized pan. Wrap the spices in a muslin cloth and place in with the purée. Bring the mix to the boil. Reduce by ¹/³and allow the spices to infuse for 30 minutes. Pass through a fine sieve. Chill.

Basil oil

Place all ingredients in a thermomix and blend. Pass through a fine sieve lined with a muslin cloth.

Créme chantilly canister

Soak the leaves of gelatine in ice water. Heat 50g of the milk. Mix the rest of the milk, cream and vanilla together. Melt the gelatine into the 50g of milk and mix with the rest of the milk and cream. Place the mix in the fridge and allow to set. When set, whisk well and place in the espuma gun and charge with the 2 gases.


Scrape the vanilla pods and place in a mixer bowl with the egg whites. Whisk and slowly add the sugar to form as honey soft peak Meringues. Spread thinly onto parchment paper and bake in the oven at 80c for 3-4 hours. Store in a dehydrator to keep crisp.

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