Serves 6


6 thick slices of duck foie gras (50g)

80g sauerkraut jus

12 pak choi leaves

250g red cabbage

50g red vinegar

1dl duck jus


3 slices of smoked bacon


Sauerkraut jelly

Heat thesauerkraut juice, and add the agar-agar. Leave to set in a mould.

Pak choi

Slice the leaves in half length-ways. Fry with nut butter and a few thin slices of bacon, and season to taste.

Red cabbage

Finely slice the red cabbage, add the red vinegar and 80g water, and cook. Once cooked mix well. When ready to serve, heat with a knob of nut butter, seasoning and add the sauerkraut jus.

Crispy smoked bacon

Thinly slice Alsacien bacon, and cook in an oven at 130°C until dried out.

Foie gras

Slice the seasoned foie gras and fry. Sprinkle with the crispy smoked bacon and mill pepper.

Juniper jus

Infuse the duck jus with crushed juniper, season and sieve.

To serve

At the base of the plate place the sauekraut jelly with the pak choi ontop. Add the foie gras, some cabbage and the sauce.

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