Serves 5 portions


Tortelonni pasta

2500 g egg yoks

50 g eggs white

20 g olive oil (Terre Bormane)

500g flour

2 g salt


500g swiss chard

62g spinach

100g olive taggiasche

50g pinenuts

55g baby squid

300g fish mousse

25g basil

50g chervil

25g parsley

25g olive oil

25g parmesan cheese


1/2lfish stock

50g tomatoes confit

25g olive taggiache (Terre bormane)

Black Ink sauce

500g beards of scallops

50g shallots

25cl white vine

50g black ink


1 head of baby squid (deep fried) per portion

15g swiss chard



Mix all the ingredients and leave to rest for about 1 hour.


Clean and chop the baby squid very finely (keeping the head for later), add the rest of the element and the fish sauce. Season well.

As soon the farce is ready, start to make a tortelloni (6 per portion). Keep in the fridge.


Reduce the fish stock and at the last minute, blend with olive oil and add the tomatoes confit and the olives.

Black ink sauce

Clean the scallops beards, and leave them under the water and rock salt for 12 hours.

In a pan, start to fry the shallots slowly, add the beards and the white wine. Let the white wine evaporate slightly and add the chicken stock, reduce and pass. Add the black ink.

Dress the plate with a cooked Swiss chard leaf, Tortelloni on the top and the two sauces. Garnish with a deep fried squid head.

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