Serves 4


Purée of fried squids

4 squid, big

100g flour

80g corn starch

200ml sparkling water, iced

100ml fish stock

Extra virgin olive oil


King prawns in tempura

8 king prawns

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt, to season

Pepper, to season


Mizuna salad

2 stalks crispy celery

Lemon juice


Purée of fried squid

Grasp the squid tail in one hand and the head in the other. Firmly pull apart with a slight twisting motion. Clean the heads and remove the eye. Grill one head on both sides and keep apart. Prepare a batter with flour, 50g of corn starch and iced sparkling water. Dip the squid heads and tentacles into the batter and fry in extra virgin olive oil. Wipe off oil in excess with paper towel. Heat the fish stock, add the remaining corn starch and thicken. Mix the fried squid with the squid head previously grilled and the fish stock to obtain a smooth and homogeneous purée.

King prawns in tempura

Shell the king prawns and clean them, removing channels on back. Dip them in the same batter previously used for the squid and fry them in extra virgin olive oil until golden. Wipe off oil in excess with paper towel.

Crispy celery

Clean, wash and peel the celery stalks. Cut into julienne and place it in a bowl of iced water and stand until crisp (20-30 minutes). Add more ice if necessary to keep water ice-cold.

To serve

Place the purée of fried squids on the bottom of the platter and put the king prawns in tempura over it. Garnish with the crispy celery, mizuna salad and lemon juice sprayed with a vaporiser.

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