A Recipe by Fernando Stovell

Wild sea bass with pickled thai shallots, violet artichokes and Japanese mushrooms

This lovely summer recipe is byFernando Stovell, chef and co-owner of Stovell’s located in Chobham, Surrey.

Fernando has worked in various leading kitchens, including the Michelin-starred Capital Hotel, before taking up positions at the Wellington Club and then the Cuckoo Club, cooking alongside his wife Kristy whom he met at catering college in 1997.

In September 2012, together with Kristy, Fernando opened Stovell’s which, within 4 months, was awarded 2 Rosettes. Fernando and Kristy are currently in the running for gaining a 3rd this year.

Here, Fernando shares his Asian-inspired recipe for wild sea bass, served with pickled Thai shallots and Japanese mushrooms.

serves 10


Wild sea bass

10 x 120 grams wild sea bass

t tblsp rapeseed oil

10 lychees, 1 per portion

½ lemon per portion

1 tblsp butter per portion

Pickled Thai shallots

200 grams of Thai shallots

250 ml red wine vinegar

500ml water

250 grams sugar

2 star anise

Sea salt and black pepper

Yuzu Pureé

100 mls Yuzu juice

1 gram agar agar (1% to juice)

Pickled violet artichokes

10 x violet artichokes (prepared and kept in parsley and lemon water)

1 part water

1 part olive oil



Thyme and parsley

Pickled Japanese mushrooms

(Nameko, Shimeji, Golden Enoki)

200 grams Japanese mushrooms, cleaned and trimmed

Sunflower oil

Sesame oil


Soy sauce

Sliced garlic and ginger brunoise


Lightly warm the pickle Thai shallots and lychees in a separate bowl / saucepan

In a small bowl / saucepan warm the artichokes to around 50˚c (overheating can cause them to discolour)

Warm the pickled Japanese mushrooms

Add rapeseed oil to a hot non stick frying pan

When oil is smokey add wild sea bass skin side down and press firmly for 1 minute. Add butter and lemon juice and turn carefully

Baste the fish for another 2 minutes controlling the heat and ensuring the fish doesn’t burn

Layer the dish starting with a swipe of the Yuzu puree, followed by a layer of artichokes, shallots, lychees, mushrooms and the sea bass to finish.

For the pickled Thai shallots

lanch shallots in boiling salted water.

Bring water, anise, vinegar and sugar to the boil, add shallots and seasoning.

Leave to cool.

For the Yuzu pureé

Mix agar agar with a little bit of the juice.

Bring to remaining juice the boil and add the agar agar and boil for 1 minute.

Pour into a lined rectangular container 1cm deep.Chill.

When cold and set, blend and keep puree till needed.

For the pickled violet artichokes

Bring water, olive oil, sugar, salt thyme and parsley to the boil.

Add artichokes, reduce heat to a simmer until artichokes are just tender.

Cool and keep in the liquid.

For the pickled Japanese mushrooms

Heat sunflower oil in a pan, add mushrooms, ginger and garlic. Fry for 1-2 minutes

Add sesame oil, mirin and soy sauce to taste