Serves 4



4 partridges oven ready

100g unsalted butter

Sprig thyme

Sprig rosemary

Turnip purée

1 large white turnip

50g unsalted butter

150ml milk

Baby turnips

1 bunch of baby turnips, with nice green leaves

Baked apple

4 Cox apples or similar, washed and cored

1 tbsp sultanas

1 tbsp raisins

120g unsalted butter (soft)

1tbsp Madeira

1 pinch of mixed spice

1 tsp sherry vinegar

Maldon salt

1 tsp demerera sugar



Pre heat an oven to 210°C. Pre heat a pan, then heat a little rapeseed oil and colour the partridge all over on a medium heat. Transfer to a roasting tin (but keep the frying pan) and put a knob of butter and a little thyme and rosemary in the cavity of each bird. Roast for 15 minutes. Return the birds to the frying pan and on a medium heat add the remaining butter and herbs and baste as the butter browns, remove the birds just as the butter stops foaming. Allow to rest for 10 minutes. Season with salt when ready to serve.

Turnip purée

Peel and cut the turnip as thinly as possible. Melt the butter in a pan, add the turnip and enough milk to just cover the turnip. Cook on a medium heat – you want the milk to reduce so when the turnip is cooked the pan is quite dry. Purée in a food processor and season with table salt.

Baby turnips

Remove the leaves, wash and dry in a salad spinner, wash and clean the turnips, then quarter. Serve raw.

Baked apple

Put the apples in a deep baking tray.

Mix all the ingredients (apart from salt) together and stuff the apples with it. Rub the remaining mixture over the top of them and season with a little Maldon salt. Bake at 180°C until soft.

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