Serves 4


Celeriac cream

1dl cream

1dl court bouillon

100g celeriac

2cl olive oil

Green apple jus

250g Granny Smith apples

5gascorbic acid

8g spinach chlorophylle

Langoustine tartare

10 langoustines

5cl old wine vinegar

4cl nut oil

8g spinach stalks, finely shredded

Lemon coulis

200g lemon

80g sugar

1g star anise

Langoustine rice

4 langoustine

10g corn

3 egg whites

80g puffed rice

1g rosemary, finely chopped

Pastille paste

120g flour 55

1.5dl water

20g egg white

2g salt

Mustard cream

0.5dl whipped cream

10g Fallot mustard

1g gelatine


30g French caviar

30 chervil springs

50g Mizuna

25g Feuille de Poiret

Granny Smith apples’ stalks


Celeriac cream

Peel and chop the celeriac into large cubes. Sweat the celeriac in olive oil – do not colour. Add the court bouillon and cream. Once cooked blitzthe celeriac until a smooth cream is optained. For every 1kg of celeriac cream, add 10g of soaked geletin.

Green apple jus

Put the apples in a cetrifuge, and add theascorbic acid to avoid them becoming brown. Clarify the jus by heating, but don’t heat above 65°C. Press the juice through a chiffon to remove any impurities. Add the chlorophylle. Stick the apples to the gelatin; for 1 litre of jus add 12g of gelatin.

Langoustine tartare

Chop the langoustines into tartare cubes and season with lemon coulis, vinegar, nut oil, salt and pepper. Mix.

Lemon coulis

Peal the lemons and remove the slices. Add the sugar and star anise, and marinate for 12 hours. Cook on a low heat, mix and blend.

Langoustine rice

De-shell the langoustines and season. Dip them in flour and egg whites, and then in the rice. Fry in oil at170°C. Add a few drops of lemon coulis and scatter with rosemary.

Pastille paste

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Spread a layer on a sil-pat, cook in an over for 4 minutes at 190°C.

Cut rectangles of 4cm by 2.5cm, and put on a 2cm wideinox tube, and cook again for 5 minutes at 170°C, until golden.

Mustard cream

Heat the cream until simmering, and add the mustard, cream and gelatin. Pipe onto the croustillant. Cut 3 pieces of apple and add to the mustard.

To serve

Place some celeriac cream on the plate (approx 45g per plate). Leave to cool and add a thin layer of apple jelly.

Add the tartare and then the pastilla full of mustard cream. Add a quenelle of caviar, the spinach stalks and 3 sticks of apple.

Place the fried langoustine on top.

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