Bloody “Mar”

Serves 6


Bloody Mary

15g vodka

100ml tomato juice

150g lemon juice

1 drop of worcestershire sauce

1 drop of tabasco

Salt and pepper to taste

Vegetable stock

75g leeks

40g carrots

150g onions

1l water

Sea urchins juice

225g urchins

150g vegetables stock

75g sunflower oil

Red food colouring

Sea urchin mayonnaise

40g sea urchins

10 g sunflower oil

Fresh sea urchins

2.5 fresh sea urchins

sea water

Pickled celery

1 celery stick

75g water

75g txakoli

35g vinegar

12g sugar

5g salt

1/2 bay leaf

2 black pepper grain

To serve

2 slices bread

Nº24 micro tagete petals

Nº24 red petals

Nº24 curly chives


Bloody Mary

Mix all the ingredients

Vegetable stock

Boil and reduce the ingredients. Salt to taste and keep cold.

Sea urchins juice

Blend the sea urchins with the vegetable stock and emulsify with sunflower oil. Add red food colouring. Mix 200 g of sea urchins juice with 30g of the Bloody Mary. Keep cold.

Sea urchin mayonnaise

Blend the urchins and emulsify with oil. Keep cold in feeding bottle.

Fresh sea urchins

Cut of the urchins’ shell with scissors, remove the urchins’ eggs with a teaspoon, wash in sea water and keep cold.

Pickled celery

Assemble all the ingredients and boil. Take the celery stick and peel and chop into 3mm cubes. Make foils of 7.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. Keep the foil inside the pickle for 2 minutes in vacuum. Drip and keep in cold. Keep the cubes in vaccum bags with the pickle.

To serve

Cut the bread in rectangles of 7.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. Bake at 175°C for 5 minutes. Add 15g of urchin juice in a catavinos glass, a pinch of black pepper powder .

Add the urchinmayonnaise on the sliced bread and cover with the celery. Finish with 2 urchin eggs, 2 microtargete petals, 2 red verbena petals, 2 curls chives and 4 pickled celery cubes.