Serves 4


2 cleaned, prepared sole fillets

1 thick slice of country bread

25cl cream

1 bulb of garlic


1L water

1 small branch of rosemary

3 branches of thyme




4 eggs yolks



Gently sweat 4 crushed cloves of garlic in some olive oil until soft, cover with water, add sage and thyme. Bring to theboil and leave to simmer for 5 minutes.Remove from flame; add the rosemary and leave to infuse covered for 20 minutes. Remove herbs and mix the stock and the garlic with the egg yolks.


Season and roll the fish fillets in baking paper, to shape. Poach in the aromatic stock.

Garlic cream

Remove the interior stems of the remaining garlic cloves and blanch three times in hot water.Cook thegarlicin thecream, mix andstrain.

Crushed vegetables

Cook the three vegetables separately with a little chicken stock and butter. Drain and use a masher to gently crush the vegetables. Just before serving, reheat vegetables adding a dash of garlic cream and adjust seasoning as necessary.

Bread croutons

Cut a thick slice of a country loaf lengthways 2cm, lightly brush with olive oil and flowering thyme and toast under a grill.

To serve

Place the vegetables at the bottom of a shallow bowl, top with the rolled, cooked sole, each of which is cut in two. Place a dollop of garlic cream on top and balance the crouton.Pour the mixedbrothover thefishandenjoy!

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