Serves 6


24 mediterranean red prawns

20g acacia honey

80g oil strained from a jar of anchovies

50g fresh yoghurt

40g fresh coriander sprouts

4 pieces of natural charcoal

15g extra virgin olive oil

2g fine salt

40g toasted cumin

200g kitchen salt

50g seaweed mix

24 small toothpicks


Peel the prawns and skewer them each on a toothpick. Place the pieces of charcoal on the fire and leave them there until they begin to glow brightly. Season the prawns with oil and salt. Place the coals on a wooden chopping board, it must be covered by a layer of kitchen salt and seaweed. Sprinkle the pieces of coal with the toasted and ground cumin seeds. Then put the prawns on top. Place the chopping board in the middle on the table and provide each guest with a plate sprinkled with yoghurt, honey, the anchovy oil, and fresh coriander. This way, each guest can cook the prawns as he/she likes, and then season them with the yoghurt sauce.