250griso vialone nano

100g white onion

2bay leaves


75g white wine

100g butter

250g parmesan

150g olive oil

Salt & black pepper, to taste


Parsley puree

300g flat leaf parsley

300g curly parsley


Snails and garlic wine

100g white wine

10g garlic

50g butter

150g pancetta



30g garlic




1tin snails

400ml nage

50ml Pernod


Cauliflower puree

150g blanch cauliflower

150g cream

50g almond powder


Pigeon sauce

5kg pigeon bones

100g carrots

100g onions

100g celery stick

1/2 garlic head

50g tomato paste

5l chicken stock

0.5g veal stock

100g Paris mushrooms

200g finely sliced banana shallots

100g Brandy

100g red wine vinegar

1.5l red wine

2dehydrated orange zest

5 juniper berries

10 black peppercorns

Bay leafe





In a large sauté pan cook the chopped onions with the garlic and the bay leave until translucent, add in the rice and cook until Tran lucid as well. Pour in the white wine and cook until total evaporation, then cook with the warm stock, without stopping and making sure to beat the risotto on the side of the pan. This will ensure the risotto to be creamy. When the rice is translucent with a little white point in the middle taste it and check that it is still all dente. Pick and clean the parsleys then plunge into boiling salty water cook until the leaves break in between your fingers, blend at 80 degrees with a little of the blanching water for 8 mins, pass and chill. Remove from the heat and add in the parmesan cheese the butter and a little bit of cream. Check the seasoning and the fluidity of the risotto to finish put in the olive oil and a little more parsley puree to taste.


Snails and garlic wine

First rinse the snails a few times with some fresh water. Then cook them with a pot au feu garnish until they become tender. Strain them. Pan fry with some butter and deglaze with the garlic infused white wine. Check the seasoning.


Cauliflower puree

Blitz the entire ingredient at 80°C for 8 minute. Refresh in the blast chiller.


Pigeon sauce

Roast the pigeon bones until golden in an roasting tray, strain then roast the garnish adding the tomato paste at the end. Put everything in a high stockpot to cook for at least 5 hours. Pass through a fine chinois.

Reduce to a proper consistency.

Slice the paris mushrooms, shallots, and add to the crushed juniper berries and black pepper corn. In a small rondelle pot caramelize the mushrooms and shallots deglaze with the red wine vinegar, brandy, and the red wine. Put in the rest of the aromatic garnish. Reduce by one third before adding in the pigeon stock.

When the sauce is reaching the proper consistency, pass through muslin cloth twice, check seasoning.