Serves 8


Bitter chocolate

Chocolate pastry

15g dark chocolate (75% cocoa)

20g cream

1 egg

10g brown sugar

40g passion fruit sauce



200gdark chocolate (70% cocoa)

Edible gold leaf

150g chocolate Amedei milk

30g sugar

1 egg

1 pinch of salt

80g whipped cream

80g Italian meringue

20g butter cream

Star anise ice cream

150g milk

150g cream

25g sugar


4 star anise

Spiced truffle


10g honey


150gmilk chocolate



100gwhite chocolate

100gpowdered sugar


Bitter chocolate

Melt the chopped chocolate in the hot cream. Whiskthe egg and sugar and incorporate the chocolate and creaminto the mixture. Dissolve the gelatin in the passion fruit sauce.On a 15×15 square base layer with cookedchocolate pastry, passion fruit jelly, and thechocolate mixture and freeze. Once frozencut intobars of3x8.


Melt the chocolate in a water bath at 40ºC andstir in the butter, one third of Italian meringue and whipped cream until the mixture is elastic.Stir in the remaining cream, mixed with theegg,a pinch of salt and sugar. Transfer the mousseinto a piping bag with ribbed edges.

Star anise ice cream

Mix the cream,milk,sugar, glucose and star anise, and heatup to 80ºC and leave to infuse until cool and filter. Put the mixture into ice cream maker.

Spiced truffle

Melt the sugar and honey to 140ºC.Remove from the heat andpour in the cream, glucose, chopped chocolate and spices. Once at 30ºC seal and cool. Once cold, roll the chocolate and dip into the powdered sugar.

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