Aerated Plum White Chocolate

250g white chocolate Opalys

50g grape seed oil

5g freeze dried plum powder

Chocolate Ice Cream

1850g homogenized milk

200g skim milk powder

540g whipping cream

110g sugar

160g trimoline

120g dextrose powder

660gManjari chocolate

10g ice cream stabilizer

Chocolate Mousse

300g chocolate ice cream mix

200g whipping cream

2g gelatin sheet (or 1 sheet)

2 pinchsalt

Plum Wine Sabayon

230gpasteurized egg yolk

150gplum wine

200g cream

50g vanilla sugar

2 pinchsalt

2g gelatin

Compressed Plum

4 plums

50g sugar

100g water

Chocolate Streusel

260g AP flour

90g cocoa powder

230g butter, cold and cubed

160g sugar

2 pinch salt


Aerated Plum White Chocolate

Melt the white chocolate over bain-marie to 40°C. Remove from the heat and add remaining ingredients. Pass chocolate through a chinois and into a siphon to remove any bits. Add four charges to the siphon. Fill a mason ¼ full with the chocolate and close with the lids almost tight. Vacuum pack the jar. You will see the chocolate rise. Once it is three times the original height, stop the vacuuming and tighten the lid. Store in freezer until hard. Continue with the rest of the chocolate.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Melt Manjari chocolate over bain-marie to 45°C and keep warm. Combine milk, cream, trimoline in a pot and heat to 40°C. Mix remaining ingredients and add to the warm milk mixture. Bring to a boil. Cool to 80°C and emulsify with the chocolate. Ice bath the ice cream mix. Reserve 90g of the ice cream mix.

Chocolate Mousse

Whip cream to soft peak and reserve in fridge. Soften the gelatin sheet in cold water. Dry the gelatin sheet once it’s pliable and place into a microwaveable bowl with 50 g of chocolate ice cream mix. Melt the gelatin for 20 seconds in the microwave. Add remaining ice cream mix to the gelatin mix with the salt and whisk quickly. Fold in whipped cream and store in fridge.

Plum Wine Sabayon

Soften the gelatin with cold water then dry. Melt gelatin with cream to 50°C. Whisk in all ingredients then pass through a chinois. Charge the siphon with the sabayon and 2 charges. Reserve in fridge.

Compressed Plum

Wash plums and make a simple syrup with sugar and water. Once the syrup is cold, compress the plum whole with the syrup for one day. Cook the bag of plums in a 50°C water bath for 10 minutes. Shock it in an ice bath. Open the bag, peel the plums and cut into wedges and place back in the syrup. Store in fridge.

Chocolate Streusel

Preheat oven to 300°F. Combine all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. With the paddle attachment, start mixing the dry and slowly incorporate the butter. Once the whole mass becomes homogene, stop mixing and crumble it onto a parchment lined tray. Cool the streusel in the freezer for 5 minutes. Cook streusel until the flour are cooked, approximately 20 minutes.

To serve

Break the aerated plum chocolate into big chunks. Dip the plum chocolate in the ice cream mix then drop into a bath of liquid nitrogen. Once frozen store in the freezer. Pipe chocolate mousse on a plate and sabayon. Place 3 wedges of plum and sprinkle chocolate streusel around. Decorate with flowers. Finally, break open the chocolate ice cream to reveal the inside and place in the centre of the plate.

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