Serves 8



200g scallop sashimi

200g langoustine sashimi

200g tuna sashimi

200g red snapper sashimi

200g mango

200g watermelon

200g cantaloupe melon

6g sea salt

10ml olive oil

Mango puree

300g mango

20g olive oil

Mixed vegetables

100g zucchini

100g fennel

50g red radish

100g green asparagus

20g mixed cress

3ml lemon juice


Mango puree

Peel and cut the mango. Blend the mango and emulsify it with olive oil.


Thinly slice the fruits and the seafood, place them in the order of red snapper, watermelon, langoustine, mango, tuna, cantaloupe melon and scallop.

Brush the carpaccio with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

Slice the vegetables with a mandolin and then season with lemon juice and olive oil.

Place the mixed vegetables on top of the carpaccio and garnish with cress and mango puree.

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