A Day In The Life Of…

05 Nov 2014
2 min read
Alejandro Montes tells us about his pastry business in Madrid, Mamá Framboise.


Very early in the morning I usually go to our primary shop, located in Las Salesas, a very hip and trendy neighbourhood, to check that everything is in order, and I usually have breakfast there.

Once I get to our factory, I dedicate part of my time to adjusting and revising recipes, controlling the line of production and checking that everything is in order.

One of the most important factors in my business is to educate, correct and guide my team of pastry chefs in order to achieve day by day that the job will become more regular – technically and visually speaking. This is no doubt the most challenging aspect that makes a business successful, and this applies even more when you look at the skills that are required for a pastry shop.


A very crucial aspect in our day-to-day work is to motivate our team. This becomes more important since we have a team of young people who are starting to become professionals, not only in the pastry world, but their personalities are also being formed in this period of their lives.

For the future I personally think that it’s important and rewarding to build a person’s values of hard work, sacrifice, effort, inspiration, creativeness and foremost humility. My main objective for this young group of people is that they grow and become experts in the pastry world of tomorrow.


Together with my team we make as many pastries as possible, because, after all, I am a pastry chef. After I finish my activities in our factory, and once the work day is almost over, I go to our recently opened shop, Mama Framboise Platea, which is located inside the spectacular gastronomic centre in Platea, situated in Plaza Colon in the emblematic centre of Madrid.


Once there, I make sure (as I do in the other shop early in the morning) that everything is running smoothly. Also, it’s usually the time when I sit down with the rest of my team that is in charge of marketing, administration and of the shops to discuss the daily and forthcoming issues that are essential so that every aspect of the company is running the way it should be.

In Mama Framboise, every factor and aspect is equally important, starting with the process of making and producing pastry, through the whole process of creativity, administration, design, innovation, cleanliness, logistics, personnel and foremost the future to come. All of this guarantees that we have a team that is going in the same direction, that work very hard every day to make our dream come true. Without the team, this would not be possible.

Find out more aboutMamá Framboise atmamaframboise.com.