A Culinary Prodigy

16 Oct 2014
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Kevin Fehling, Germany’s greatest culinary prodigy, publishes his first book.

, the exceptionally talented three-Michelin-star chef of gourmet restaurant La Belle Epoque, is publishing his first book, Prodigy. We ask him to tell us all about it…

Kevin, congratulations on publishing your first book! What can we expect?

“The idea for the book was to document the last 1.5 years and which we have held the three Michelin stars and therefore only present our readers with three-Michelin-starred recipes. It’s incredible how many dishes we created in only 1.5 years and we present them here on 312 pages. On top of that we also included the more personal side of the story, the journey of how we managed to get from one star to three stars in only five years. It’s really interesting how fast it all happened and how it happened. I wanted to tell my readers about my love of cooking and how it all exploded within the last five years, and give some insight into my work and share some gastronomic stories.”

What an extraordinary cover, what does it depict and why did you choose it?

“The cover is supposed to invoke some kind of phantasy. We called it Prodigy because as well as describing my own personal career it also deals with the fact that I always look for the wonders in life and the fascination with just being. And so we presented it a kind of planetary way. Thomas Ruhl, who has recognised my potential as a prodigy before I had any stars, has been with me ever since and it was his idea to use this word for the title. And he also explains it within the book.”

Go grab it now! Prodigy is available from all good book shops, AmazonandPort Culinaire.You can also request a signed copy from Kevin Fehling himself, at k.fehling@columbia-hotels.