Serves 4


1 whole egg

25g cream

50g butter

50g cucumber, diced to a 1mm cube

5g dill, chopped

40g beef consommé

1g oscietra caviar

To serve

4 egg shells (emptied, with the top off)


Pour the beef consommé into 4 egg shells and leave them to set in the fridge. Mix the diced cucumber with the chopped dill in a bowl and leave aside.

Then put the egg, cream and butter in a pan and cook them until they become scramble eggs. Pour the scrambled eggs into a Thermomix, insert a syphon, add 2 bottles of gas and keep it at 55C. Take the beef consommé egg shells out of the fridge, add some egg foam on top, sprinkle with the cucumber and dill and top with a quinelle of oscietra caviar.