10 International Ways To Enjoy Your Eggs

09 Oct 2014
2 min read
Happy International Egg Day! They may be the staple of many of our meals and something we all love, but how does the world enjoy their eggs?


Denmark | The Danish Solæg egg is pickled and eaten with a number of spices, herbs, oils, hot chili sauce, vinegar and mustard, followed by a shot of aquavit.

China | The Century Egg is illustriously black, having been preserved for several weeks or month. The yolk is creamy and sulphury and the white becomes a dark jelly.


UK | Claimed to have been invented by London’s Fortnum & Masons, a hard-boiled egg is wrapped in sausage meet, coated in bread crumbs and deep fried.


Europe | Poached in water and vinegar, the yolk is soft and the white is hard.

Israel | Eggs poached in tomato sauce, which has its roots in Libya, is a recipe that is enjoyed any time of day.


USA | Poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and bacon on top of two halved of an English muffin.

In A Pocket

Make a hole in the centre of a slice of bread, put it in a skillet and crack an egg in it.

Huevos Rancheros

Mexico | Traditionally served as brunch in rural Mexican farms, fried eggs are served on corn tortillas with tomato-chilli sauce, refried beans, rice and avocado.


Greece | Blending feta and tomatoes with baked eggs calls for an indulgence that the Bulgarians can be thanked for.


Europe & USA | Mixed whole eggs gently fried while mixing.

India | The egg bhurji includes onions, green chilli, chopped ginger, turmeric powder and chopped tomatoes and eaten with a roti.

Philippines | Friend onions and beaten eggs are cooked together.

Turkey | Sucuk (beef sausage or dried cured beef) is cooked with eggs and tomato.


France | A simple mixture of beaten eggs and fines herbes in a pan of butter.

Spain | A classic Spanish tortilla is a potato and egg omelette that’s baked.

Greece | A Spanakopita includes spinach, dill and feta.

Soft Boiled

UK | Named “eggs and soldiers”, strips of buttered toast are dipped into the runny yolk.

Southeast Asia | The eggs are cooked for a short amount of time, cracked into a bowl and mixed with soy sauce and pepper.

Japan | Eaten with ramen and cooked in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin and water.