Tomato sauce

500 grams of cooked plum tomatoes (in glass jar)

1 clove of garlic

Extra virgin olive oil

1 bunch of basil

Chilli pepper

A few sprigs of fresh oregano



Anchovy Sauce

100gof anchovies

200gof seed oil

100gof water

65g of cream

A spoon and a half of vinegar

2g xanthan

A hint of garlic

Plum confit tomatoes

Plum tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Powdered sugar

Basil / thyme

1 clove of garlic


Tomato and mozzarella roll

Plum tomatoes



A cube of buffalo mozzarella


180 gr Fassona-breed fillet

1 sprig of thyme

Extra virgin olive oil

Maldon salt

Leaves of oregano and basil scented with lemon


Tomato sauce

Put a clove of garlic and some olive oil in a pan; add the tomatoes, season with salt, a pinch of chilli, an aromatic bunch of basil and oregano. After cooking the sauce, put it into a mixer, filter it and thicken it using Kuzu. Spread the sauce on an anti-stick plate or on a Silpat and break down its temperature. Cut irregular squares of sauce that will be placed on the bottom of the dish.

Anchovy sauce

Put all the ingredients in the mixer and whisk well to form a smooth sauce.

Plum confit tomatoes

Put the tomatoes on a baking sheet and flavour with the other ingredients. Bake at 180 degrees for about 20 min. Peel each tomato keeping it intact and store them in oil.

Tomato and mozzarella roll

Season the tomatoes, and then put them into the mixer and pass them through a fine chinois. Place a layer of sauce onto a plate and allow it to dry in the oven at 85 ° for about 3 hours. Then remove the gelatine obtained and rehydrate at room temperature for about 2 hours. Put in the fridge the tomato sheets. Cut strips of the same width as the cube of mozzarella and wrap them like a roll. Serve at room temperature.

Fassona fillet

Place the tenderloin in a vacuum bag with extra virgin olive oil, thyme, Maldon salt. Steam at 62 ° or in a roner for 40 minutes. Cut the fillet into two parts, season with Maldon salt, olive oil and some leaves of fresh oregano and basil scented with lemon.

Caper powder

Desalinate capers under current water. Put them in the oven to dry at 70 ° for 12 hours, then blend them till reducing into powder.

Green basil oil

Wash and peel off the basil, then put it in the mixer with the oil.Put the oil in a tight and high container.Leave the green oil emerges and place it in a bottle.

To serve

Arrange on a plate squares of tomato sauce, passing them for a minute under grill to warm them up. Add the green oil scented with basil, capers, tomato confit, the anchovy sauce, the roll of mozzarella and tomato, the veal sauce and the powder of capers. Lay on the top the fillet cut into two parts and seasoned.

Perfectly paired with Bellavista Vendemmia Rose


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