The Hanseatic leader

25 Mar 2018
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A medieval town with a modern vibe, FOUR looks at why Zwolle is a must-see when in the Netherlands…
A dynamic Hanseatic city

You soon feel welcome in Zwolle! A modern city in the east of the Netherlands where you can still explore the fascinating and rich history. The vibrant, welcoming city centre with its medieval streets is populated by cheerful students, inventive entrepreneurs, courageous free thinkers and creative go-getters. Zwolle is characterised by a lively city centre, excellent educational facilities, and it is the top performing economic region of the Netherlands.

Zwolle is proud of its icons; three-star restaurant De Librije, Museum de Fundatie and the most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands; Waanders In de Broeren.


Superb culinary offering

Zwolle is home to three-star restaurant De Librije. Owners Jonnie and Thérèse Boer both grew up in this area. It’s not surprising they both fell in love with all the beautiful regional products from their home turf; water mint, zander, Boletus and chanterelles. These products are to be found in the culinary taste regions close to Zwolle. Along with their team, they explore the options for creating loving relationships between wine and food every day.


Proud home of Museum de Fundatie

Strolling through the heart of the centre, you naturally stumble upon one of the most striking sights in Zwolle. Zwolle is the proud home of Museum de Fundatie. Turner, Canova, Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Picasso – you will find many great names in the Fundatie. The museum’s own collection includes undisputed masterpieces that span four centuries of art. The Fundatie puts on a broad and appealing exhibition programme linked to this distinctive collection. A number of years ago, the Fundatie underwent what is undoubtedly one of the most striking museum expansions in recent years. The former neoclassical Palace of Justice was extended with ‘The Cloud’, an ellipse-shaped construction. This structure is covered with 55,000 white and blue tiles. The immense window in ‘The Cloud’ offers a fantastic view of the historical centre of the Hanseatic city of Zwolle.

The most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands

Waanders in de Broeren is regarded by many as the most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands. It is situated in the Broerenkerk, a listed church with a rich history. The modern layout is interspersed with traditional stylistic elements from the old monastery. Waanders continues to delight visitors. This is more than a bookshop, it is an experience. A trip to Zwolle would be incomplete without a visit to Waanders In de Broeren.



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