Witr | Beauty in the eye of the beholder

07 Oct 2016
3 min read
“Immortalize the magnificence of your eye print for it will never be born again”

Can you tell us a bit about the history of Witr Jewelry?

A simple thought that led me gradually to thinking of jewelry, honestly, but it stemmed out of the impossibility of literally immortalizing a piece of whom we love, a piece that will undoubtedly be recognized as theirs or even ours. What is there that could be given as special gifts that will forever be precious and meaningful, yet increase in value, as it got older. There’s nothing more precious than the eyes. They have obvious and hidden beauty that is unpararelled and forever unique. The beauty of someone’s eyes doesn’t get born twice; hence it deserved being immortalized on gold. And from there, idea after idea hit me of uniquely creative and personally valuable designs that I started studying and drawing as concept designs of jewelry – which is how it deserved to be immortalized.

How did you get into your line of work?

I have chosen to enter a world full of challenge and creativity with a promise to impress. All I can see is that a colorful journey has just begun for me. WITR is a young star that chose to stand amongst giants in the jewelry business, not in a daring manner, but because it has giant ideas that I believe will make it grow as quick. Every customer of WITR will be treated as a well taken care of VIP. Every customer of WITR will be treated as WITR – forever one of a kind.

What is it exactly that Witr is known for and people is drawn to because of?

There are countless jewelry brands around the world, but most if not all lack the sense of personal value the very high-end of jewelry lovers strive or look for. Not only does it give the person a sense of special distinction, but also a sense of pride showing off their eye print or someone else’s that is of status.

What started the transition from a retailer to a brand?

Witr has started off as a brand, because it’s an idea that no one was ahead of us to (in the world) – the personal design of engraved eye prints into gold jewelry, and also the unique and creative designs.

With evolution in mind, how does Witr Jewelry adapt to changes in fashion and trends. Are your designs classic or are they fashion-led?

WITR designs stand by the meaning of its name – forever one of a kind. So all of our designs either offer personal value to our customers or designs that carry meaningful messages behind them, but in a way that has never been thought of before. Our lines are different all around because they have a philosophy of creating designs that are only of meaning to culture, to new artistic designs, to psychology, and best of all to personal value and more…

Aside from simplicity and quality what is Witr’s key philosophy?

If it doesn’t turn heads and make you wonder, then it’s not perfect enough. If it doesn’t raise curiosity, then the designer hasn’t spent adequate time to impress. If it isn’t meaningful to the wearer then it will only carry a single value to it – the material.

Tell me about some of the latest designs Witr has made and what makes them so special?

Even though we’re continuously creating different lines that are of great meaning and value the first line Witr was presented with is a burning star that shall never lose it’s flame – Ieva Line. However, the latest line, which we have created, is Bint eLulu (The Girl of Pearls), which enjoys a great cultural background, inspired by the Arabian Gulf and the history of pearl hunting.

What should we be watching out for this year from Witr?

3 lines that should win the attention of every person that is into the combination of pearls and gold and a third line which should wow the world with it’s creativity and design is Mi Corazon line.

Find out more about Witr jewelry here |www.witrjewelry.com