Wellness At Its Best: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Launches New Initiative

28 Sep 2018
2 min read
Experience expert relaxation in the heart of Hong Kong this autumn.

Forget the days of dull and bland wellness routines. The entire world of wellbeing is changing and Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is leading the way with the launch of its Well Feeling initiative. Designed to recognise that society has become increasingly mindful of both mindful mental and physical wellbeing, the hotel is offering a wellness experience that goes far beyond a few carrot-based dished or body scrubs.

There was a time in hotels where wellness was once something found on a massage table or treadmill. Healthy eating was relegated to a few items on a menu with vague definitions of nutrition. The traveller of today, however, is well informed and open to new experiences, making more deliberate choices in search of a healthy, balanced life. Using their in-house experts, the team now offer travelers a thoroughly therapeutic visit.

1 Well Feeling Menus
Working with the respected Nutritionist and Functional Medicine specialist Miles Price of the Life Clinic in Hong Kong, Executive Chef Andrea Accordi is helping guests to go beyond granola and rethink their definition of healthy food. Guests can follow the green leaves on all restaurant menus to easily discover tasty new creations and old favourites, nutritionist approved. From Roasted Organic Welsh Rack of Lamb to authentic Thai Blue Prawn Curry, hungry guests are spoiled for healthy choices.

For guests who wish to go deeper, detailed information on key vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients for each Well Feeling dish is also available. Well Feeling options can also be found in the Hotel’s Michelin-starred Lung King Heen and Caprice.

2 Mindfulness
Guests can find peace of mind anytime with a variety of mindfulness practices. The Spa helps guests to meditate at their own pace using iPad’s loaded with meditation apps and noise cancelling headphones. For those who would like to extend their mindfulness practice to a community setting, monthly Full Moon mediations led by Director of Spa Shoshana Weinberg have become a popular gathering for likeminded wellness seekers. Those who wish can tap into the creative side of mindfulness can with art therapy, there’s even adult colouring books to try out.

3 Masters of Wellness
Guests at all phases of their personal wellness journeys will have the opportunity to explore new frontiers of wellbeing with the Masters of Wellness series- a selection of visiting experts practicing a range of specialties from reiki to yoga, all curated by Director of Spa, Shoshana Weinberg.

4 Fit Life
In addition to the world-class gym with panoramic Harbour views and two full sized outdoor pools open year round, the Hotel helps guests to explore new fitness territories. Every weekend by the Pool, guests can explore the yin and yang balancing art of tai chi with Master Angela.

For those seeking a higher-octane workout, Four Seasons has collaborated with local fitness experts Joint Dynamics to offer a new Circuit Training class. Guests looking to get outside can also join sporty Four Seasons staff for a morning run every Wednesday.

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