Travelling responsibly

07 May 2018
3 min read
FOUR speaks to Stefany Seipp, founder and managing director of Green Pearls, a conscious travel and information platform that offers a collection of handpicked, sustainable and unique places in the whole world.

What in your opinion makes Green Pearls travel company different?

 Green Pearls® is no travel company but an information platform and communication agency focusing on green communication, visibility and findability of the Green Pearls®’ partners. With we inform travelers interested in sustainable and responsible traveling transparently about sustainable opportunities worldwide.

Working as a communication agency we write press newsletters on sustainable topics presenting the green initiatives of our hotels and destinations. Green Pearls® organizes campaigns, press and blogger trips, handles advertorials and editorials, support the application of awards and much more in order to position destinations and hotels in the field of sustainability. It is all about “Do good and talk about it”


Do luxury green resorts really exist?

 There a lot of luxury resorts and hotels out there that care for the environment and go the extra mile of implementing green methods to preserve the environment and support the locals. Unfortunately most of those resorts do not or only in a very small manner, communicate about their green initiatives.


Why do you think green travel and eco tourism are gaining popularity?

 Climate change is no invention of politicians but very real affecting all of us. We all are responsible to help prevent more damages, support the environment and the local communities. More and more people do not leave their consciousness about the environment at home when traveling and are looking for green options when they travel.


What can hotels, resorts etc. do to become more environmentally aware?  

They have to start! Implementing a management plan and focusing on the education of the staff members are a first step.


What would be your top tips to someone who wants to travel in an eco-friendly manner?

Choose the right destination, a green accommodation, respect the local communities and the environment. If deciding for a long haul destination and having to use an aircraft, put the distance and the time spent at the destination in a relation, compensate the flight by getting involved in local projects hotels are offering and last not least help by preventing waste esp. plastic.


FOUR top trips recommended by Green Pearls…

Liguria, Italy

Relais Del Maro, an Albergo Diffuso, which means the hotel is not in a single house, but converted out of various historic buildings in a small community. A small hideaway in the hills near Borgomaro and the shores of Imperia, the ideal place for outdoor enthusiast, couples and gourmands.


Balderschwang, Bavaria, Germany

Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa, is the ideal place for outdoor and wellness fans and lovers of slow food. The hotel offers a concept that is based on daily individual applications within the modules Healing, Recreation, Nutrition, Movement, Mental as well as Beauty and aesthetic. Personal detox based on Ayurveda principles.


Kerala, India

At the CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon, outdoor fans, couples as well as families will get their share. Located in Kuttanad, Kerala, it impresses by passionately restored mansions that are more than 150 years old. The Eco-Resort belongs to the hotel group CGH Earth and is accessible only by boat. Canoes and bicycles are available for excursions.


Milan, Italy

The zero-emission Hotel Milano Scala, is the perfect location for a green city trip: it’s in walking distance to various sights, like the famous Duomo, as well as the district of Brera. Guests can have a drink while enjoying the magical view over the city on the hotel’s own roof terrace. The organic garden is a green oasis in the vibrant city Milan while also providing organic herbs to the hotel kitchen.



Top trendy travel themes within eco travel…

Animal Sanctuaries: like the coral restoration project at Reethi Faru Resort on the Maldives. Here, travelers do not only support nature with their stay in an eco-friendly hotel but can also take part in the project and help with coral restoration.

Community based tourism: More and more tour operators in Thailand show how tourism from and with locals works. For travelers it’s the perfect opportunity to really get to know the local culture, people and traditions. For locals it’s a great way to make a living while preserving their culture at the same time.


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