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26 Feb 2017
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The new generation of yacht owners don’t just want to sit in Monaco or St Tropez, instead yachts are being chartered to increasingly far flung destinations such as Cuba, Taiwan, New Zealand and Antarctica and their owners are using them for scientific exploration.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle is a once in a lifetime experience that simply must be celebrated with a plunge into the sub-zero temperatures of the icy water. Tread in the footsteps of David Attenborough with a visit to the Gentoo Penguins which inhabit an abandoned Argentine research base and keep an eye out for whales, seals, and the other incredible inhabitants of this frozen landscape. The final stop is the volcanic island of Deception, a breath-taking experience and where else can you say that you have sailed into a Volcano.

​Charter the impressive Hanse Explorer for a 10-day trip to experience some of the incredible natural phenomena of the Antarctic. The Hanse Explorer is one of the few yachts with the capability to effortlessly break through sea ice. Wind your way through the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceberg Alley situated just off the Antarctic Peninsula where you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Emperor Penguin.

Hanse Explorersafely takes you to the earth’s southernmost continent giving you entrée into a land of mystery, pristine serenity and unequalled beauty that have attracted explorers for decades. Known as the White Continent, Antarctica remains one of the few uninhabited places on earth, offering visitors an experience of unworldly stillness and an atmosphere found nowhere else.

Antarctica is a place with many faces. From the white peak of Mount Jackson to the green moss covered rocks by the sea, a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula is a discovery of unique contrast. See the huts built by explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton in the 1900s on their quests to reach the South Pole. Visit scientific research stations and discover for yourself Antarctica’s important role in the health of our planet. Explore the Southern Ocean and discover the joy of mingling with King penguins on South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The Austral summer runs November through March and brings mild temperatures and 24-hours of sunlight, which make for optimal conditions for excursions and viewing wildlife.

Antarctica’s personality changes with the passing of each summer month as the area comes alive with activity after a dark winter.Depending on the time of your visit, a landing at a penguin colony can offer a glimpse of courting rituals, the birth of baby chicks or an encounter with adolescent penguins curious to meet new visitors. An ice menagerie of sorts, Antarctica is home to a variety of wildlife including albatrosses, fur and leopard seals, sea elephants and several species of whale including humpback and minke.

Getting to Antarctica onHanse Exploreris part of the experience. Most of our voyages depart from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. Known as the gateway to the Antarctic, from Ushuaia it takes two days to cross the Drake Passage before reaching the Antarctic Peninsula. The Drake Passage is known to be unpredictable and crossing this legendary body of water is part of the adventure. Once we enter waters south of 60°S, an array of treasures come to light. Massive icebergs, stunning mountain scenery, magnificent ice shelves and century-old glaciers will leave you awestruck.

It has been said that spending time in Antarctica leaves one forever changed. None of the books you read nor photographs you see can prepare you for an encounter with the most mystical landscape in the world. Come discover for yourself the last vast wilderness on earth.

Best time to go: October- March

Destination highlights

  • South Shetland Islands
  • Antarctic Sounds
  • Brown Bluff
  • Paradise Bay
  • Port Lockroy
  • Melchior Islands
  • Livingston Island

A week onboard Hanse Explorer would start from:

Rate Details:
High Season Rate (Euro 145,000 per week + expenses) applies to the months of December, January, February, July and August. For all other months, the Low Season Rate (Euro 125,000 per week + expenses) applies.

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