The Pinnacle of Home Couture

12 Nov 2018
2 min read
Weissfee is redefining home couture with their collection of stylish and delicate handcrafted linens. 

Hand-crafted embroidery, the highest quality textiles and elegant designs are the defining characteristics of weissfee table, bed and bathroom linens. Their blend of the traditional and modern, of extravagance and naturalness, is what makes them so unique.

The owner and founder of weissfee, Heike Peter, dedicates her total commitment to setting benchmarks that are second to none. For over 20 years, her sensitive flair for regal creations and perfect lacework have characterized the distinctive weisfee style. Inspired by historical laces and magnificent decor, the designs are crafted to an outstanding level of quality, while at the same time remaining contemporary and fashionable, bearing Heike’s signature style.

FOUR speaks to Weissfee owner, Heike Peter, about her company, her inspiration and the love of her craft:

Where did you grow up?

In the east part of Germany. After studying, I moved to Vogtland – a beautiful part of Saxonia with a nice landscape that has been the home of the German embroidery industry since the 19th century.

When and why did you start weissfee?

I started developing my company in the early 90s, to preserve and develop the lace-making tradition in the Vogtland area. In 2008, my brand weissfee home couture was launched, breathing reality into my vision of turning the lace-making tradition into a living entity and adapting it to the needs of modern interiors.

How did you introduce your brand to the global market?

By successful participation in international shows like Maison & Objet in Paris, showcasing my creations to demanding clientele worldwide and starting co-operations with luxury stores and famous interior designers.

Do you create specialized designs for customers?

Creating bespoke table and bed linen is a special service we offer. With years of experience in combining the right fabrics and colors with our fine laces, we are able to reach outstanding results.

What inspires your designs?

It is not lifestyle or passing fashions that motivate us, but rather the demand to create table linen in an unsurpassed quality and timeless elegance. A perfect textile table-setting culture underlines the beauty of precious silverware and exquisite fine bone china.

What makes your collections so unique?

Extravagant and magical designs which showcase the most sublime lacework, princely materials  in brilliant white and glamorous shades of gold, the many hours of skillful handwork, the fascinating details and the superb workmanship all make for a special kind of experience.

It is no wonder that anyone who views the weissfee collections will immediately understand why it is found in the luxury shopping meccas of the world. From fragrant table settings of timeless beauty in white, to fashion for living and life, the weissfee collections are unwaveringly opulent, whimsical and idiosyncratic.

To view more of weissfee’s collections and for information, visit their website.
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