The King of Diamonds

07 Nov 2018
2 min read
Looking for the perfect finish? Jean Boulle Luxury has developed Sun King® Diamond Coating, so you can now bedazzle your yachts, jets and vehicles with the world’s favourite crystal.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but now, thanks to Jean Boulle Luxury, it’s not just jewellery that can be diamond-encrusted. With a unique aesthetic appearance superior to current metallic products, Sun King® Diamond Coating’s heightened diamond luminescence creates multichromatic reflections, perfect for transforming the surfaces of your most treasured possessions.

Jean Boulle Luxury has developed a proprietary diamond coating technique that converts natural gem diamonds into a high quality coating that gives a brilliant diamond finish to almost any surface. Developed through years of research and development in conjunction with leading diamond experts, Sun King® Diamond Coating guarantees the highest quality and brilliance within precisely defined tolerances. Sun King® Diamond Coating dramatically alters the visual appearance of a jet, yacht or car whilst maintaining full functional capabilities, ensuring that you will turn heads at any occasion.

Sun King® Diamond Coating can be applied over any colour and on almost any surface, using the latest in aviation, motor vehicle or marine topcoat technology. Each coating is tailored to meet precise requirements agreed with individual clients, with stringent quality assurance processes in place to guarantee only the best performance levels.

Jean Boulle Luxury has partnered with AkzoNobel to develop a Yacht Grade Sun King® Diamond Coating that can visually transform yacht finishes whilst also enduring the demands of the marine environment. Combined with AkzoNobel’s leading Awlgrip® Topcoat range, Yacht Grade Sun King® Diamond Coating blends technical innovation and high quality product to create a superlative, lasting finish on any yacht.

Sun King® Diamond Coating is also available for private jets and has already been applied to a Bombardier Global Express private jet in partnership with AkzoNobel’s AlumiGrip aerospace coating technology. Supercars made by some of the world’s leading car makers such as Rolls Royce and Bentley have also been visually transformed by Sun King® Diamond Coating.

Diamond Heritage

Jean Boulle Luxury and the Jean Boulle Group have a more than 50 year history in all aspects of the diamond industry from mining, trading and cutting to the creation of bespoke pieces of jewellery. They use this experience in combination with a commitment to innovate and transform the diamond industry through R&D into new materials as well as the creation of ethical supply chains. Sun King® Diamond Coating was created after years of research into new, natural diamond based materials that can bring the inherent qualities of diamonds to new applications such as coatings, settings for precious stones and scientific applications.

Proprietary Process

Jean Boulle Luxury uses highly skilled, expert craftsmen to sort, clean and remove any impurities from natural diamonds so they can guarantee the highest quality and brilliance before they are crushed into millions of crystals. One carat of natural diamonds creates approximately one million crystals which undergo further proprietary processes to guarantee maximum brilliance and reflectivity. The process is proprietary and subject to pending patents.

Ethical Sourcing

All diamonds used in the production of Sun King® Diamond Coating are certified as conflict free. The diamonds are sourced directly from the Jean Boulle Group’s supplies or from reputable suppliers. To ensure the provenance of all natural diamonds, Jean Boulle Luxury has stringent processes in place to track and trace the flow of rough diamonds from source to final customer. They also fully comply with international standards such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the requirements of the World Diamond Council.


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