The gift of an experience

09 Oct 2018
2 min read
Providing great experiences at the most iconic venues and stadiums across the country, Keith Prowse are experts at bringing people together.

The pace of change in the retail sector is well documented with brands disappearing and shops having to re-invent themselves with experiential draws. The laptop has become the new till. The high street a place to try and trial. Consumers are increasingly divided; where the need for a digitally perfect persona may well jar with real-life personality.

Products and possessions used to be the benchmark of a person with the oversized handbag or weighty watch a badge of honour and an overt symbol of status. Today, brands feel the pressure to bring their products to life because of our online purchasing habits and our relentless use of social media, which has led to a whole new business in experiences: experientialism.

It’s been proven that great days spent with family, friends and colleagues live far longer in the memory than ‘stuff’. Our materialist nature of the last few decades has been replaced with the experience economy and the emergence of ‘the eventer’. The eventer relishes experiences, knows good food, is knowledgeable on wine and wants to be part of the action. Most of all, the eventer wants to share their biggest asset – time – with friends and family. They seek to be seen at the right events where good social media images are great for ‘brand me’ equity. Experiences that are shared with others make people feel more connected and most importantly they won’t be relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

Keith Prowse has been in the business of creating and providing official experiences for over 200 years. The company boasts one of the best calendars of social events in the UK with exclusive access to tennis and rugby along with cricket, horse racing and concerts. Each official experience package has been designed to meet a broad consumer demand, from the sport enthusiast where the sight line is imperative and the foodie friends who want a Michelin style experience, to the family where time together is priceless.


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