The Future Of Sustainability: Lanserhof Sylt

31 Dec 2018
2 min read
Leading the way in sustainable travel, the new resort will feature Europe’s largest thatched roof and impressive eco-friendly building materials.

Meet the face of the future. Opening its sleek doors in 2020, Lanserhof Sylt is set to offer modern travelers the perfect sustainable escape. Located on the Island of Sylt off the coast of Germany, a place often referred to as the Hamptons of the country due to its impressive natural landscape and temperate climate, the new resort features eco-friendly materials and a focus on wellness.

With 68 rooms, guests can check into a world of palatial wellness – making the most of a spacious spa area with saunas, steam baths, relaxation area and indoor and outdoor pool.

An architectural masterpiece, the new resort will not come at the expense of its location – as Sylt will be constructed with ecologically and ‘health friendly’ building materials, monitored by building biologists. Designed by renowned wellness architect Christoph Ingenhoven, the mastermind behind the monastic Lanserhof Tegernsee, the impressive design features a number of environmentally friendly features and facets – including the largest thatched roof in Europe with 12,900 square metres. 

Firstly,  the resort will make use of geothermal energy to supplement triple glazing. There’s also 26cm of insulation in the thatched roof to reduce energy consumption, showing a conscious effort to avoid draining resources. All excavated soil will also remain on the island to aid in ecological conservation and reduce the carbon footprint that would result from moving the soil.

It’s imperative that the build avoids damaging the natural surroundings. Coastal and nature conservation will be employed and monitored throughout construction to minimise the impact on the surrounding landscape. 

Architectural wellness lies at the core of this property, reflecting Lanserhof’s ethos of holistic wellness that goes beyond physical spaces and underlines the approach of Lanserhof – to be healthy and stay healthy. Sylt will mingle the functions of a resort with state-of-the-art medical care, while at the same time being geared towards the well-being of its guests, and striking a balance between the environment and the individual.

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