Sustainable Stays: Discover Cosmoledo Eco Camp

08 May 2019
2 min read
If you’re looking for a far-flung retreat, it’s time to discover a stay at Cosmoledo Eco Camp. 

If you’re looking for a far-flung retreat, it’s time to discover a stay at Cosmoledo Eco Camp.  Located in Cosmoledo, the last atoll before Aldabra that sits roughly 600 miles away from Mahe, head here to feel splendidly isolated from the rest of the world.

Incredibly beautiful, the unspoilt Cosmoledo Atoll consists of 21 coral islands of various sizes surrounding a large lagoon.

One of its largest, Wizard Island, has been chosen as the site of a very special sustainable lodge – a property carefully built in a way which satisfies the Seychelles government’s restrictions on permanent structures in such ecologically sensitive locations.

No accommodation existed prior to the Eco Camp so the island and marine environments there are immaculate.

Having only opened in November 2018, the new Cosmoledo Eco Camp has only eight pods created from intelligently repurposed shipping containers. Interiors use local woods and a palette of soft neutral colours to ensure each pod blends in with the environment.

Meticulously designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising guests’ comfort, the pods feature fully retractable full-width French windows that allow cool breezes to enter the room and provide stunning views of the sea. Each pod sits on a pre-cast plinth rather than on concrete.

The dining area, bar and lounge are housed in a large tent, and the kitchen in a smaller one.

What’s more, all the amenities are eco-friendly and all cleaning products biodegradable. Every aspect has been considered when it comes to the environment. The site was chosen for its lack of nesting birds and the entire camp can be completely removed without leaving any footprint.

The staff mainly hail from South Africa and bring with them the same high standards of service and catering familiar to those who have enjoyed safaris in that country.

Ideal for animal lovers
There’s plenty for adventurers to see, explore and be inspired by. Cosmoledo is renowned for its deep water and fly fishing, with abundant giant trevally, milkfish, bonefish and barracuda on the tidal flats and huge yellow fin tuna, rainbow runner, wahoo and sailfish in the deep waters just offshore.

As well as kayaks and SUPs, scuba diving is available and, because it’s only just begun, new dive sites are constantly being discovered.

The coral reefs are in rude health and teem with hundreds of species of fish: a heaven for snorkellers too. Wizard and some of the smaller islands are rookeries for three species of booby, various herons, greater and lesser frigatebirds and many more besides, including land birds such as the Souimanga sunbird. Green and hawksbill turtles frequently nest on the beaches.

Dreamy escapes await. To find out more, please visit BA offers direct flights to Mahe from Heathrow. Cosmoledo is reached by a three hour flight from Mahe to Astove Atoll, then a one hour boat ride.