Sustainable Escapes: Introducing Dharana at Shillim Eco Retreat & Spa

10 Mar 2019
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Hailing inner health, discover a world of natural wellness at the stunning Dharana at Shillim Eco Retreat & Spa.

Ready to explore off the beaten track? Perched in the majestic Sahyadris mountain range in the Western Ghats of Maharastra (a UNESCO World Heritage Site little-known to UK travellers) awaits Dharana at Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa.

An eco-wellness retreat located three hours south east of Mumbai or just over two hours from Pune, Shillim is one of the most exciting retreats in the sub-continent.

Sustainability is at the centre of this nurturing hideaway. Spread over 3,000 acres of its own fertile valley, scattered with ecologically-designed luxurious villas, everything at Shillim is focused on environmental sustainability.

Head here for holistic rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul according to ancient Ayurvedic principles. Embrace the surroundings and embark upon short excursions, hikes and nature walks through the rice fields, bamboo plantations, lush fields and organic garden which all nurture a thriving flora and fauna eco system.

Everything revolves around the philosophy of ‘Dharana’ (pronounced Dah-na). A way of life that promotes health and wellbeing in line with the life forces of nature, Dharana is the sacred sense of stability achieved when one aligns the inner core to the outer environment. Long story short, it’s the starting point for any form of healing.

Through this rejuvenating way of life, achieve long-term internal and external wellbeing through tailor-made programmes, helping you to choose lifestyle options that balance your energies, focused on achieving calmness and contentedness.

The holistic approach of the Dharana programme is moulded into every aspect of the retreat, especially at the wellness restaurant – The Green Table.

Taking inspiration from a planetary diet, incorporating the five elements of Ayurveda (Water, Air, Fire, Ether and Wind), there’s a special emphasis on organic ingredients.  The menu is a 100% forest-to-table concept with all ingredients sourced from the Shillim forest and farm.

All ingredients are organic, locally-sourced and sustainably-grown – details that shine through in the delectable bites. Pair the healthy dishes with an aromatic drink at the Tea Room, emphasizing the medicinal properties of different ingredients and illustrating the ancient Asian culture of healing.

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