Sustainable Escapes: Discover CGH Earth, India

18 May 2019
2 min read
Discover wellness that pays homage to the world around it with the eco-luxury CGH Earth hospitality group.

People are interested more than ever in how to practise responsible travelling and reduce their environmental impact.

Ideal for a sustainable escape, discover CGH Earth – an ecologically conscious luxurious hospitality group behind the four wellness retreats – SwaSwara, Prakriti Shakti, Kalari Kovilakom and Kalari Rasayana, a quartet of locations found across Keral.

With a strong conscious commitment to the environment and the local communities where they are situated, this luxury escapes are perfect for the travelers looking to minimise their carbon footprint whilst enjoying incredible beauty around them.

The experiential character of the retreats pays homage to nature and initiatives are taken throughout to harvest and process rainwater, grow vegetables onsite or purchase locally and hire staff from nearby areas.

This identity has been termed ‘the Indian consciousness’, characterised by those aspects that distinctly make up the Indian soul – variety, beauty, simplicity and caring.

To CGH, less can be more. They believe true luxury is an experience rooted in simplicity and soul, without ruining the planet.

History and Heritage Preservation
A prime example is Kalari Kovilakom, a 200-year-old palace set within the grounds of the old Vengunad kingdom located in North Kerala, India.

In 2005, CGH Earth restored the palace’s legacy and historical value and converted it into a place for traditional Ayurvedic healing. SwaSwara sustains traditions and the local economy by annually rethatching the palm leaf rooves.

In doing so, the wellness retreat provides employment in the locality and keeps the building’s design strong and safe.

Giving Back
CGH Earth Wellness recognises that working with the earth is a two-way project – one needs to give back as much, perhaps more, as one takes.

This awareness led to various initiatives to preserve and nurture biodiversity – all four of CGH Earth’s wellness retreats are conscious of water usage and recycling.

Rainwater is collected and processed for consumption and wastewater from the bathrooms, kitchens and treatment rooms is harvested, processed and used to water the grounds of the properties. They also compost kitchen waste as plant fertiliser.

Not stopping, all properties are entirely plastic-free and purified rainwater is served in recyclable glass bottles. Shampoo and shower gel? That’s provided in little ceramic jars that are refillable, obviating the use of single-use plastic.

Keep It Local
CGH Earth Wellness goes the extra mile to ensure guests experience the best of the region where they are staying. Every region has its own unique character, which is expressed via culinary creations.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown on the property of SwaSwara; Prakriti Shakti, Kalari Rasayana and Kalari Kavilakom source fresh produce from local farmers who follow traditional farming methods to achieve a good standard of being non-GMO and pesticide-free.

They also support the local communities. CGH Earth Wellness believes in giving back by supporting local schools and promoting community welfare programmes, such as rainwater harvesting techniques, tree planting initiatives, and wildlife conservation and education.

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