Stockinger | Introducing MING

02 Aug 2018
2 min read
The wireless, intelligent and instinctive Ming has everything a steward call system needs on board a superyacht, in residential properties, private island resorts, executive boardrooms, exclusive restaurants, etc. by simply pressing a discreet button.

Owners of superyachts & exclusive properties as well as their esteemed guests expect to enjoy the services offered by a crew or staff around the clock. Whether at the dining table, on the sun deck or even in the middle of the night, it is reassuring to know that a steward or member of staff is only a call away.

The Ming immediately and subtly summons your captain, steward or butler without having to interrupt your conversation or meal. The Ming can be programmed as well as an emergency button to silently alarm your personal security or physician.

While the Ming system incorporates the very latest technology to support a comprehensive feature set, the Ming button itself is intuitive to use. A short or long press is all that is needed to send one of two clearly distinct, pre-configured calls. Even though it is mobile, it is intelligent enough to always summon the steward or staff to the right place. Furthermore, if so desired, the discreet glow of the ring of LEDs circling the button confirms that a crew or staff member is already on the way.

The Ming perfectly matches any super yacht’s or property’s interior. Designed, engineered and completely hand-crafted in Germany, the button is made of the finest materials. The hand-polished precious-metal surface is bound in luxurious leather, while the level of precision engineering is equal to that of a Swiss timepiece.

There are several bespoke options to choose from, including 24K gold-plating, coloured leather sleeves, individually tailored buttons – all according to the owner’s personality and style. Every possible wish will be fulfilled, from a rare platinum coating up to the use of custom leather supplied by the owner. Similarly, the Ming can of course be engraved with its owner’s insignia or yacht logo, etc.

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