Spend Summer In The Canary Islands’ First Luxury Lighthouse Hotel

11 Apr 2019
2 min read
Looking for your next unique travel experience?  The first Canary Islands lighthouse hotel has opened on the pretty island of La Palma – and it’s perfect for an unusual yet exquisite escape.
After three years of extensive renovation, the 152-year-old lighthouse Faro Cumplida has finally opened its doors for guests.
Ideal for the explorers seeking a magical and off-the-grid experience, Faro Cumplida sits on the most northerly (and beautiful) part of La Palma offering undisturbed views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The lighthouse which is still in nautical use, offers only four luxury rooms and suites. Up to eight guests can stay in the light housekeeper’s house, located directly below the watchtower.

Offering a clean and modern architectural style within a historical structure, guests can appreciate the history of the building in a modern context.

Illuminating Amenities
Facilities include four rooms, four bathrooms, a roof terrace, a dramatic infinity pool, a 36m high watchtower and a sublime Canary-Islands garden.

The two suites named Farero Suite and La Palma and Atlantic Suite sleep four and two people respectively and both offer their own private terrace to appreciate the spectacular surrounds.

The traditional patio with its pergola made of local Tea Wood leads to the lighthouse entrance.

Climb the 158 steps that wind up to the top of the tower and enjoy the fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding banana plantations and the lush La Palma mountains.

Reward yourself after all that exercise with a  glass of wine  from the Sky High Mini Bar – the perfect thirst-quenching tipple.

Fascinating history
During World War II on 28. October 1942 a German submarine U509 sunk the British battle ship Pacific Star near the Canary Island of La Palma.

After three days, the castaways spotted the light of Faro Punta Cumplida. They came onshore and managed to reach the coast of Barlovento, where the locals took the 97 sailors into their homes to save their lives.

Today, Faro Punta Cumplida is the only lighthouse in the Canary Islands which offers accommodation and is still in nautical use.

La Palma’s Allure
Ideal for a rustic escapade, La Isla Bonita (The Pretty Island) is the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands, with a wide scenic and climatic diversity.

The island is filled with impressive and varied landscapes, offering 706 square kilometres of lush scenery.

There’s also a network of more than 1,000 kilometres of marked trails, making it a magnet for hikers and nature lovers alike.

Open now. To find out more and make a booking, please click here.