Space age design with Michael Najjar

03 Oct 2015
2 min read
The Kameha Grand Zürich hotel has just launched their new unique ‘Space Suite’ which takes guests to another dimension. FOUR speaks to the artist behind the new design, Michael Najjar to ask how he created the cosmic atmosphere…

How did you get into your line of work, or has it come to you naturally?

The focus of my work is always on key elements of our modern society driven and controlled by computer and information technologies.Since 2011 I have been working on the topic of space travel and space exploration.

What was the inspiration and vision behind the new space suite at the Kameha Grand Zürichhotel?

The vision was to create a completely new experience in a hotel, something that did not exist in any hotel in the world so far: building a room like a space station.

How long did it take to bring this project from concept to completion?

We worked for about one year on this room alone.

So how would you describe the design style & concept for the suite?

The key challenge was to create an immersive environment, which makes the “crew member“of the Space Suite feeling like they are living on a space station. Three original artworks from my recent project ‘outer space’ are installed in the Suite,there is a Universe motif, which follows through from the carpet to the bath, rocket engine inspired spot lights, as well as exclusive novels, films and audiobooks about space travel.

Specifically in regards to your role, how did it all begin?

The initiative came from Kameha CEO Carsten Rath who asked me if I would like to design a suite in his hotel,something unprecedented and totally unique.

Where did you get your inspiration?

The inspiration comes of course from my long term work on my “outer space“ series.Every day in my life as an artist turns around space travel.

What kind of reaction do you hope guests will have to the hotel’s unique interiors? And what do you hope guests’ experience will be like while there?

As already said, I want them to forget that they are in a hotel room, they should have an out of this world experience.

What are some of your favourite areas of the hotel and why?

I like the Japanese restaurant Yu Nijyo a lot…it’s so special that you really feel like being in Japan.The cool thing is that even being on a space station you can order some fantastic Sushi for dinner!

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