Slovenia’s Beloved Heart

17 Dec 2017
2 min read
As Ljubljana welcomes the InterContinental Hotel, the first five-star hotel for the Slovenian capital, FOUR finds out more about the city known as the crossroads of Europe.

They say that Ljubljana is a miniature Europe as it is positioned at a crossroads of diverse cultures, regions, and historic events. The city with a green soul and the title ‘European Green Capital 2016’ is as beautiful as art itself and has stories enough to fill a historical novel. Having also won this year’s National Geographic World Legacy Award in the Destination Leadership category for demonstrating the best environmental practices, protection of cultural and natural heritage, benefits to local communities, and educating travellers, Slovenia and its capital is the buzzword on everyone’s lips for 2017.


Luxury in Ljubljana 

In the latest partnership from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, together with Serbian holding company, Delta Holding, Ljubljana will welcome not only its rst ve-star hotel, but also the city’s tallest building.

Opening in mid August 2017, the hotel set to be an architectural landmark for the Slovenian capital will be just a stone’s throw away from Dunajska Cesta, the major shopping and business district, and Ljubljana’s main train station. Ljubljana is just a couple of hours away from the unique Karst region, the Adriatic coast, various mountains, hilly wine-growing regions, natural spas, and many historic towns, making the hotel an ideal departure point.

The planned proposal for the 165-bedroom hotel that situated just a short walk from the River Ljubljanica includes; a presidential suite; two banquet halls accommodating 500 guests each, six board rooms, state-of-the-art leisure facilities, as well as a swimming pool, spa and fitness zone.

With 21 floors to the hotel, the restaurant will reside at the very top of the state-of-the-art building. Plans to provide an all-day dining restaurant with a Michelin star chef and an outdoor terrace, means that guests are offered the unbeatable panorama of the Ljubljana cityscape, which include views of the Castle, Park Tivoli and the breathtaking Alps.