Singita Pamushana Lodge In Zimbabwe To Reopen This Month

28 May 2018
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Described as ‘an African royal palace’ the new property will echo the proud heritage of tribal dynasties of ancient Zimbabwe.

Talk about dramatic destinations. Roughly 200km north-west of where Singita Pamushana Lodge sits atop a hill overlooking the vast Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve lies Great Zimbabwe; a medieval stone city that served as the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe during the Late Iron Age. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the belief that this ancient city once served as a royal palace for the local monarch.

This majestic heritage has inspired the present, and the small and intimate lodge has been extended to maximise the connection to the natural beauty of the surrounding area and amplify its regal background.

The new interiors of the lodge will reflect original references to the local Shangaan culture and will be mixed with contemporary forms and styles inspired by these African patterns and shapes. Think  smart and refined details, with colour blocked palettes of ochre tan, ebony black, ivory white, gold and brass metals.

The rooms
This lodge will boast two new two-bedroom suites – located a short distance away from the main lodge and offering additional privacy and exclusivity. A total of eight suites and a private-use, five-bedroom villa will be available for guests to enjoy.

What’s more, the footprint of the lodge remains small and light, with minimal impact being made on the 130,000 acres of pristine wilderness in which it sits.

Singita Pamushana Lodge, through the work of The Malilangwe Trust, will continue to contribute to the conservation of this beautiful reserve, its wildlife population and the neighbouring communities, in support of Singita’s 100-year purpose. It is a forward-thinking strategy born out of our love for Africa that reflects the renewed pride and optimism of the Zimbabwean people. Consider your next summer destination sorted.

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Words by Sophie Ritchie