Seven Continents, Seven Spectacular Journeys

31 Oct 2019
5 min read
Planet Earth has seven extraordinary continents, each one unique, each one full of life. To celebrate the release of the BBC’s new natural history blockbuster “Seven Worlds, One Planet”, presented by Sir David Attenborough, luxury tour operator, Carrier, has curated seven bespoke journeys that reveal the extraordinary wildlife of our seven distinct continents.

Carrier specialises in creating luxury journeys, surprising clients by transcending all expectations and ensuring that sought-after encounters with the unseen wilderness of our planet are fulfilled. Here are Carrier’s seven carefully curated adventures that showcase the spectacular sights of our seven inimitable continents:


Carrier’s Scenic Eclipse cruise of the Antarctic Peninsula invites clients to travel to a land of pristine beauty and experience the delights of a continent awash with incredible scenery and unique wildlife. Quite simply, Antarctica defies the imagination. Guests can spend their days marveling at vast icescapes, towering peaks and protected channels where very few have set foot upon, as well as have the rare opportunity to witness fur seals and king penguins, as featured in Attenborough’s documentary, in their natural habitat from the safety of a Scenic Eclipse submarine, or from kayaks while floating around blue-tinged icebergs. Both experiences also offer the chance to observe minke, humpback and killer whales up close.

For a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the awe-inspiring scenery, helicopter excursions can be arranged, and with the continent’s constantly changing weather, scenery and colours, unique opportunities for professional and amateur photographers alike come by the bucketful, leaving guests awestruck with memories that will last a lifetime.


Combining three of India’s most eminent National Parks, there is no better way to discover the wild heart of India than through The Ultimate Tiger Trail, an exciting 10-night adventure curated by Carrier.

Beginning with an overnight stay in the diverse city of Gurgaon, travellers make their way to the central state of Madhya Pradesh, where riverside tent suites and hidden jungle lodges place guests in one of the country’s most tiger dense regions. The trail starts at Bandhavgarh National Park, home to a cornucopia of birdlife, which are all to be discovered during game drives through the diverse landscape. The biodiversity of the park makes for abundant sightings of extraordinary wildlife, including glimpses of the flame and ebony coat of India’s iconic big cat.

Carrier’s bespoke itinerary then leads guests to Kanha and the neighbouring Pench National Parks, boasting a medley of vast grasslands, tranquil rivers and expansive plateaus. Here, guests traverse the untamed wilderness in search of tigers and leopards residing within the trees on daily game drives from dawn until dusk.

North America

In celebration of Seven Worlds, One Planet Carrier invites discerning travellers to step into the dynamic surroundings of Canada’s bears: polar, spirit and grizzly. Carrier’s little black book of contacts ensures that guests are guided by the very best bear biologists, all with knowledge to rival that of Sir David Attenborough’s, throughout the trip.

The Bear Necessities journey starts in a remote wilderness lodge in the heart of polar bear country, just outside of the town of Manitoba. Surrounded by the beautiful rugged, isolated landscape, adventurers sit comfortably in a custom-fitted buggy from which they can spot not only polar bears but arctic foxes, arctic rabbits and snow owls. Specially selected secluded lodge accommodation with outdoor viewing platforms ensures that wildlife can be seen at every chance.

Next on this exhilarating itinerary is British Colombia, where travellers board a customised U.S. military research vessel that has been renovated as a one-of-a-kind luxurious floating wilderness lodge. A local guide is at hand to help passengers find the elusive spirit bear; a rare subspecies of American black bear only found in the Great Bear Rainforest. Additionally, whilst on board, it is possible to spot migrating humpback, fin and killer whales.

Back on dry land, clients travel to a protected provincial park in British Columbia’s interior region. In late summer, this area plays host to one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears on the planet. For up close viewing opportunities, Carrier encourages travellers to follow in the bears’ footsteps by tracking claw marks and tufts of bear fur with experienced guides.

South America 

The new 14-day expedition cruise aboard Ponant’s Le Soleal offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the most beautiful scenery and breathtaking wildlife that Chile and Argentina have to offer. Setting sail from the city of Ushuaia, which is known to Argentinians as ‘el fin del mundo’ – the end of the world – the first destination in this Patagonian adventure is the Chilean fjords, which are set amongst spectacular narrow winding channels. The journey through these channels allow guests to experience sailing at its most spectacular amidst dramatic landscapes leading to stunning Glaciers. This spellbinding journey gives guests the opportunity to experience bucket list wildlife encounters with Magellanic penguins, guanacos, caracaras, dolphins, humpback whales, fur seals, sea lions, alpacas, condors and cormorant. Carrier’s aim is to evoke the sense that their clients are taking part in one of Attenborough’s documentaries.


Attenborough enthusiasts need not travel to the ends of the world to experience fascinating wildlife. Some of the planet’s most interesting landscapes and wildlife are only a short flight from the UK in Europe. In this way, Carrier clients are invited to choose from a wealth of experiences that bring Madeira’s natural beauty to life while staying at Belmond Reid’s Palace, a breathtaking island retreat overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Carrier-arranged experiences take advantage of Madeira’s abundant bird watching with a tour from the north to the south east. On the journey, clients discover a wealth of both endemic and migrating species alongside an expert guide and driver. Alternatively, guests are invited to board an island boat to enjoy a relaxed ocean adventure seeking dolphins, turtles and whales. The adventure continues beneath the waves, where guests can dive into the fascinating underwater world and crystal-clear ocean of Madeira. Scuba lovers, perhaps inspired by the beautiful underwater filming of this documentary series, are likely to spot species including seahorses, groupers, stingrays and frogfish – all of which give Madeira its name as a top diving destination.


The islands of the Seychelles are rich with extraordinary biodiversity and have even been described by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the wonders of the world”. Carrier’s brand new 14-night Seychelles itinerary begins with a stay on Alphonse Island, an untouched natural paradise. With over 130 bird species recorded, guests can expect glimpses of red-footed boobies and frigate birds. A highlight on Carrier’s bespoke itinerary is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure through Blue Safari where guests are invited to watch Spinner dolphins and migrating whales on board a custom-built vessel before jumping into the translucent waters for an all-round sensory snorkel experience amongst the pristine coral reefs and graceful manta rays.

Following this, Carrier’s itinerary leads travellers to Six Senses Zil Pasyon – an ecological marvel which provides a habitat for a host of endemic species. During nesting season, guests are invited to help monitor the nesting of green and hawksbill turtles and subsequently their hatchlings as part of the island’s Turtle Conservation Project. Moreover, Carrier can also arrange for excursions to UNESCO Vallée de Mai on Praslin, a birdlife hotspot, and La Digue where giant tortoises roam free.


Seven Worlds, One Planet breaks with the tradition of previous BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) programmes by putting an environmental message at the heart of each episode, instead of being tagged on at the end. In the same light, during their stay at the Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, Carrier clients are invited to make a ‘hands on’ contribution to the restoration and protection of the reserve with fun and meaningful conservation work that not only provides an important habitat for native wildlife but also helps protect the health of the beautiful Carne Creek and Wolgan River. The conservation of the reserve reveals insights into Australia’s native fauna, woodland ecology and key issues impacting the local wildlife.

As the light turns golden at the close of day, guests can enjoy sundowner refreshments whilst gaining an understanding of the ‘Wolgan’ story, Australia’s bush heritage and the history of the reserve. The exploration, however, does not have to stop here, as Carrier clients enter the nocturnal realm of Australia’s bushland wildlife for a nocturnal wildlife spotting experience. Just like Attenborough’s camera crew, guests have the chance to view wildlife using quality night vision equipment, such as infra-red and thermal vision devices. Guides will use their knowledge of the reserve to seek out the best places to encounter possums, wombats, gliding marsupials and owls and to observe the enchanting nocturnal behaviour of kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos.