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14 Dec 2016
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Top-quality Royal Premium Caviar is a select assortment of the finest caviars and is used with utmost confidence by starred chefs in Germany and worldwide in their delicious culinary creations. FOUR takes a closer look at this age-old treasure…

Treasured the world over, Kaviar (from Old Persian/Iranian Cahv-Jar; cake of joy) is the roe of the female sturgeon (Acipenser sturio; French sturgeon; presumably from Indo-European {s}tur = turn, (flip (in the riverbed). This large mythical primitive fish species from the Caspian and Black Seas swims upstream to spawn, similar to salmon, in freshwater rivers of Persia and Russia. The Persian/Iranian region on the Caspian Sea marks the very first place where humans harvested caviar, which has by today attained worldwide renown.

There are different roes:


The most prized caviar, mild in flavour, the largest-grain caviar with a diameterof3.5mm per grain. This type comes from hausen (Acipenser huso), which,weighing up to one ton, is the largest sturgeon of all.


A comparatively smaller, irregularly shaped grain, with a silver-green metalliccolour and a nutty flavour.


Asomewhat more delicate, thinner-walled grain, thus a more intense flavour.

A sustainable delicacy

A legendary delicacy prepared according to traditional recipes, sturgeon has been caught on the high seas for centuries. By now, poachers have nearly decimated the population of this highly treasured creature, resulting in both urgent regulation and prohibition of its capture and sale. In 2008 the international authority on the protection of plant and animal species (CITES) imposed a strict ban on sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. To ensure the preservation of this endangered species, Caviar producers are actively engaged in the complexities of developing ecologically sustainable breeding alternatives in natural surroundings.

For over 25 years Dr. Reza Korouji, founder of the independently run family enterprise Royal Caviar, has been using his acquired expertise for the production of the finest caviar and offering the exquisite pearls of the Orient to the most distinguished gourmet chefs. “When it comes to buying caviar,” advises Dr. Korouji, “rely on the competence of serious experts. Our experience with sturgeon caviar and our rigorous, multi-level selection process will guarantee your dining pleasure.”

Royal Caviar’s renown is based on the collected experience gained in cooperation with the indispensable caviar expert Mr. Abbas Azari. Through a combination of tradition and state-of-the-art technology, Royal Caviar aims at consistently superior results in the production of first-class caviar. Royal Caviar of Berlin enjoys a long tradition and is an acknowledged point of reference for the world’s caviar connoisseurs of today. Thanks to Royal Caviar’s perfected means of production, gourmet chefs rely on it to bring unsuspected recognition to even the simplest of dishes.

Royal Caviar selects each type of caviar on site before it is refined by our caviar expert. The caviar reaches its peak flavour only after time and the finesse of meticulously applied manual skills during the aging process.

Dr. Korouji selects the caviar directly from the source. Thanks to his expertise, he can recognise and evaluate the proper grain for any occasion. Precise traceablility and painstaking attention to detail in the handling of this fragile delicacy account for the international recognition of Royal Caviar and vouchsafe the highest quality to both the discerning caviar gourmand and the conscientious restaurateur. In this way, each stage in the production of the final product is carefully examined and tested, from the water quality and the harvest of the roe on through its sensitive maturation process.

Top-quality Royal Premium Caviar is a select assortment of the finest caviars and is used with utmost confidence by starred chefs in Germany and worldwide, either as a contributing component of their most ambitious creations or pure and standing on its ownas the climax of a sumptuous evening. For many years Chef Juan Amador of the restaurant „Amador’s Wirtshaus & Greißlerei“ Vienna, or Chef Douce Steiner of the Restaurant „Hirschen“ in Sulzburg, venerable representatives of haute cuisine have placed their trust in the Berlin institution Royal Caviar.

The recipe for flavour

The caviar reveals all of its unmistakable aromatic pleasures to nose and palate only after the most sublime treatment. The chain reaction of associations releases memories of a mild ocean breeze, the unique flavour of butter, or the refined bouquet of haselnuts, macadamias, or pecans.

The recipe for success

Royal Caviar offers a wide variety of the finest caviar from strictly controlled farms which replace the primitive fish that have been caught nearly to extinction in the last 20 years. By farming in this manner, Royal Caviar can exert influence on even the most nuanced flavour traits and meet the demands of highest-level connoisseurs.

Royal Caviar additionally offers other choice delicacies that will dignify any distinguished table: safran, black or white truffles, and cold-smoked salmon filets.

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