Rafa’s Rio

09 Feb 2015
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Chef Rafael Costa e Silva shares his insider tips to his Rio de Janeiro, eat, drink, shop, relax. Take your cue from Rafa’s Rio.

We asked about his favorite spots in Rio, where does he eat/drink/shop and relax. We wanted to find out the insiders guide to his part of the city, and here’s what we found out. Rafa is the chef and owner of Lasai in Rio where he works together with local producers from the Rio de Janeiro area to provide them with the best quality raw materials, and unique products for the menu.


Escondidinho (traditional), Bar da Gema(bar food), Olympe (fine dining), Azumi (hot traditional Japanese plates).


Bar Paris Gastro (cocktails), Londra (Fasano – cocktails), Cachambeer (traditional – draft beer), Lasai(any drink after work that the bartender wants to do).


I just shop for food, so: Feira Orgânica (Organic Street Market), CADEG, my own garden.


Hotel Fasano (rooftop), Vale da Videiras (Mountain side of the city – also where we have a garden), Beach in Barra.


Rua Conde de Irajá, 191


Rio de Janeiro