Pupusas | The queen of El Salvador

07 Jul 2015
2 min read
A country rich in tradition, historic heritage and stunning scenery, find out what makes El Salvador is a hidden jewel in the heart of Central America.
El Salvador

El Salvador is a tropical jewel strategically located in Central America, filled with a beautiful coastline, majestic volcanoes, charming colonial towns, archeological sites and museums, rich tradition and customs that together create an experience beyond comparison.

El Salvador is a country that offers a wide range of activities from high end dining to traditional gastronomy, modern shopping malls and exquisite handmade crafts. El Salvador is an ideal place for those who want to get the most out of their stay. Alot can be discovered over veryshort distances withthe diversity of routes found in El Salvador offeringhistoric heritage, archaeological heritage, ecotourism destinations andpicturesque villages. Thebeaches are also renowned as one of the top ten surf destinations in the world, making El Salvador an exhilarating and cultural experience to enjoy.

Our territory is rich in traditionand ancestral customs, dating back to prehispanic times; this includes the local gastronomy, of which the pupusa is the queen.


Pupusas are, if not the most popular traditional food in El Salvador, a dish that dates back to the pre-colonial times.

Pupusas can be made with two types of dough which are based on corn or rice, ingredients vary according to the pupusas being prepared. Having chosen the dough, the inner filling are can be: cheese, beans, pork, loroco ( which is a flower), spinach, chicken, mushrooms and/or shrimp. However, other types of inner filling can also be found.Cooking a pupusa can be done on a clay comal heated with firewood, gas countertop griddles or electrical stoves.

Tasting them is a must when visiting El Salvador, you can find them anywhere in the region. A great way to accompany your pupusa is with a delicious gourmet cup of coffee or a comforting cup of hot chocolate prepared in an artisan way. Touring towns of gastronomical tradition such as Juayua, Salcoatitán and Nahuizalco guarantee a great way to enjoy this delicious dish.

Enjoying a pupusa in El Salvador can be done in places with spectacular views such as the beautiful El Boquerón at an altitude of 1,893 meters above sea level or discovering peace of mind at the different lookouts at Lake Coatepeque also know in the indeneginous Nauat language as “Snake Hills” or admiring the beauty of our sunsets in Comasagua.

Visit El Salvador and be delighted with its traditional gastronomy and admire its breath taking scenery.