Precious bouquets 

18 Sep 2017
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FOUR takes a closer look at Vienna’s most valuable flora and fauna at The Jewel Flowers…

The Jewel Flowers Vienna 

In the heart of Vienna splendid bouquets of gold and gems are formed in a traditional European gold smithery.
Different craftsmen and craftswomen manually produce precious jewel bouquets. The artist and florist Roswitha Soukup designs the precious bouquets here in the most beautiful inner courtyard of the town. The Goldsmith “Der große Bär” and Gilder, Florists, Founder,etc. realise the wishes of their customers and craft designs according to these unique ideas.

The inspiration for the jewel flower bouquets came from the famous “Edelsteinstrauß”. In 1764, Empress Maria Theresia gave a baroque flower bouquet as a gift to her husband Franz Stephan, Duke of Lorraine. It consisted of a magnificent arrangement of glistening flowers and insects all made out of gems, pearls, gold and silver. It can still be seen today in the “Naturhistorisches Museum Wien”.

This was the basis for the inspiration of The Jewel Flowers Vienna, when the team of craftsmen and women asked themselves: how could this idea be recreated for the client today?

There is a select and continually growing standard collection. The designs are also mainly bespoke, created exclusively according to the wishes of the customers. The bespoke nature of the designs means that the sparkling art pieces that arise are always original and special, just like the people and occasions they are designed for. There are bouquets made of diamonds, sapphires and all gems of the world in different colour shades and sizes. The preferred gems are set in gold and silver transformed to flowers and completed to glittering bouquets.

Each flower bouquet is unique. Find out more about the flower bouquets available at Jewel Flowers here |



The Jewel Flowers Vienna

“Der grosse Bär”

Tuchlauben 17 im Hof        

1010 Vienna



Photography | Krisztina Kerekes, Stefan Liewehr