Plans Announced for $500 Million Eco-Luxury Resort in The Bahamas

22 Dec 2018
2 min read
Spanning over two miles, the new eco-engineered resort will offer something for every bon vivant.
Star Resort Group Inc. announced plans for The Bahamas’ first eco-engineered luxury waterfront destination, Port St. George. Located on the pristine Long Island, known for its contrasting coastline of limestone cliffs and tranquil beaches, Port St. George is taking a major step toward operating entirely off-grid through extensive use of solar tiles and storage batteries.

The mixed-use development will be designed for those seeking a truly cultural experience – enjoying an authentic Bahamian environment, luxurious, modern amenities and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Studio Hillier and Star Resort Group Inc. are collaborating with shared passion for design that will be environmentally sustainable.

An organic hydroponics farm will provide fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the need for imported products. Food waste will be distributed directly to a composting center, which will reduce waste and create a product for soil enrichment.

It doesn’t stop there. Rainwater meanwhile, will be collected in cisterns and a solar-powered, reverse-osmosis desalinization plant will convert seawater into fresh, drinkable water for the development.

“Port St. George will serve as a vibrant oasis from which to explore the untouched wonders of Long Island,” Duane Gerenser, president of Star Resort Group Inc told FOUR. “The sustainable development will create an environment that is inclusive of the Bahamian people and local culture, an uncommon effort among many secluded luxury resorts.

The eco-engineered project will bring employment opportunities, provide athletic facilities and instruction to local schools, and offer a platform for artists, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to thrive.”

The development will include both real estate and amenties: 515 luxury residences; a five-star hotel and spa; a 640-berth marina; a yacht club; an attractive harbour-front commercial area; an ocean beach club; a lighthouse; several first-class sports facilities and an array of culinary options.

Real estate offerings at Port St. George will consist of 500 condominiums and townhouses and 15 luxury villas, which will be positioned along the Exuma Sound, the 100-acre harbour or the Atlantic Ocean.

A refined five-star hotel will serve as the cornerstone of the development. Positioned on a peninsula overlooking the famed crystal blue waters of Exuma Sound, the hotel will offer a luxury spa, an abundance of dining options, private villas, branded residences and more.

Excited to visit? The new development will be accessible by both commercial and private aircraft via Stella Maris International Airport, which has port of entry status and is five minutes from the development.

Further details can be found here.