Ocean Story from Rebecca Anna

23 Feb 2017
2 min read
With her latest collection proves the goldsmith Rebecca Anna Buschhüter once again her attachment to the symbols for consistency and her love for the sea. With the Co°Ordinates Collection she answers the question “Where are you anchored?” with a very personal piece of jewellery.

Where are you anchored?

Young jewellery label Ocean Story stands for a sense of home, of longing and remembering places we hold dearly in our hearts. Their bracelets and necklaces are beautiful keepers of our stories.Using rope as an integral part of jewellery, inspired German designer Rebecca Buschhüter to open her own label. Never did she dream of her anchor bracelets, which combine this unconventional material with gold and silver, turning into a customer favourite.

Ocean lover Buschhüter explains: “For me the anchor symbolises strength and connection. Wherever I am, the anchor keeps me in touch with the sea. Each client has their own connection. It might be the memory of a nice holiday or the anchor as a symbol for loyalty, support, stability, hope and optimism. ”

The new Coordinates collection is inspired by coins from hidden treasures. Every maritime necklace and bracelet features an individual engraving of coordinates chosen by the customers so they always carry their favourite place with them. There are many places that hold a lot of personal meaning to us. For example where we first kissed our partner, where we were born or simply where we feel most at home. “Our customers’ joy when they receive one of the coordinates pieces is incredible,” Buschhüter smiles. “It is lovely to hear their stories and to experience their enthusiasm.”

As an inspiration for the new chains and bracelets serve coins from a treasure chest in the depths of the seas with which Rebecca Anna Buschhüter remains faithful to her design theme in the combination of simple design with expression and individuality. With the coordinates – allows jewelry the goldsmith each of her customers to complete their extraordinary jewelry with an individual engraving, and thus to carry always with them their personal favorite place in the world.

Their personal destinations Sylt and Hamburg represent the first coordinates which are available on the maritime jewelry pieces – east bondage, love and friendship were key themes for this election. Because with jewelry we often combine special moments in our lives and we bear this moment in this bejeweling way on our skin.

Whether the bracelet or necklace “Sylt” made of sterling silver or an individually designed necklace with the personal coordinates of 750 gold – creates individual jewelry which always conjure up an “ocean-feeling” in everyday life. Everyone has a very special story which can be expressed with Ocean Story®. #myoceanstory

The coordinate collection is an absolute must for romantics and lovers of the mysterious because the geo data (length and width) of a very special place of a customer will be embossed. There are no limits to the imagination: The place of the first kiss, the most beautiful holiday, a place where you can relax or which means homeland. Every place has unique GPS data and can be embossed according to the customer’s requirements. And if you do not want to reveal which place is hidden behind the coordinates, you even carry a secret with it.

Whether you are a sailor, a traveller or a romantic, Ocean Story’s time-less jewellery is a statement for remembering what is important to us, every single day. It also makes theperfect gift for all who want to give something personal, original and yet mysterious.

Find out more about Rebecca Anna and Ocean Story here | www.oceanstory.de