Masters of Time

13 Apr 2014
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Buben&Zorweg, one of the most prestigious makers of timepieces has just returned from the greatest watch and jewellery show, Baselworld and tells FOUR all about it…
“Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”

Among the highlights of this year’s show was Buben&Zorweg’s new proprietary Manufacture movement Caliber “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time” with Graham escapement and Carbon fiber pendulum rod, which was introduced into three remarkable new creations…

  1. The Grande Infinity has at its core the new pendulum clock equipped with the “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time” movement. The light of the sophisticated LED system reveals the details of the movement’s precision mechanics, framed by Time Mover® modules capable of concealing a valuable collection of watches trough its remote controlled “Magic Swing & Hide Mechanism”.
  2. The Infinity’s refreshing clear lines set new standards of precision for first floor timepieces. With a 31-day power reserve, this masterpiece allows the enjoyment of countless precious moments watching the passing of time with each swing of its pendulum.
  3. The Silhouette blurs the boundaries between work of art and elegant object of design. The new wall clock makes a generous use of glass, focusing the gaze on its fine timepiece.

One Tourbillon

Launched last year with the extraordinary One Perpetual Calendar, Buben&Zorweg presented the following chapter of the wristwatch. The One Tourbillon has a spectacularly large diameter of 14.1mm and a six-day power reserve. But reliability and beauty comes at a price: it is strictly limited to 25 pieces.

About Buben&Zorweg

Buben&Zorweg delights lovers of fine timepieces with unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. An encounter with a Buben&Zorweg masterpiece really is luxury time…

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