Mastermind behind the lens

12 Apr 2015
2 min read
After our recent collaboration we were keen to know more about the internationally acclaimed photographer, Michael Wissing.

It can only be said that after our recent publication of FOUR Germany we were blown to bits by thework of photo designer, Michael Wissing. So for all of you that aren’t endowed with the ability to speak German, we thought we’d offer you the artistbehindthe lens of some of our most beautiful images.

With his unmistakeable and breathtaking food scenes, it is no surprise that he is considered one of Germany’s most skilled still life photographers. As a result Michael has won numerous awards from an international audience whichincludes the prestigious,Art Directors Club. Using his keen eye for detail and meticulous execution, Wissing creates exciting and bold photosthat speak directly to the viewer. His images have a way of captivating his audience and transporting them to the scene, making food come alive with all its flavours, textures and aromas.

It can also be noted that Michael Wissing is a photographerwho never stops delivering. His savvy way of continuing todevelopand never allowing his aesthetic to become mundane, is what makes his work truly special. The constant use of new and innovative techniques to get the best image and narrative possible, is what ensures that Wissing remains at the top of his field. Apart from collaborating with FOUR, alongside chef Claus Peter Lamp, his creative skill is aptly demonstrated in thepublication ‘Drei Koche’, in whichWissing created the beautiful images and concept behind the book. With chefs Martin Schlegle ofHotelSchlegelhof, Klaus Kitz ofHugenhofand Bernd Lutz fromSternen Post, Wissing followed their journey through the seasons and recorded their stunning journey and their evenmore delictable food trail.

Michael Wissing is a true artist behind the lens, and continues to wow audiences all over the world with his ability to translate astory through food.

For more information and to keep up to date with Wissings’ work and portfolio, click here…