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02 Apr 2016
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FOUR looks at the latest in luxury fittings from Italian masters of glam, Bongio…
Pure Glam by Bongio

What can be more glamorous than the blend of gold and Swarovski? Whether in a watch or bracelet that you would wear for a night out; or in a washbasin mixer for a Powder Room the result would be lavish.

But, why would you choose a faucet from Pure Glam collection to indulge your guests? You should consider that Pure Glam is manufactured by the Italian company Bongio which has been working in the industry since 1936; the gold finish is 24Karat; and the body of the mixer is brass from the highest quality.

Additionally, the straight line design of Pure Glam can be adapted to your own style because you can order it on chrome, brushed nickel and black beside gold. Not enough? You can select transparent, black or amber Swarovski crystals that could pair the tiles or wall paper of your Powder Room. And perhaps you can contemplate to have a sumptuous master bathroom too after all the designer Federico Rossi and Bongio created Pure Glam to make you feel like a royal.

Last but not least Pure Glam also reflects Bongio’s green planet philosophy because the washbasin and bidet mixers have a flow of water of 8 liters per minute. So are you tempted bysome glam?

Mario Bongio s.r.l.

Via Aldo Moro, 2

San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO)