Luxury Dreams

08 Jul 2014
2 min read
What exactly differs when it comes to a good night’s sleep and a luxury one? FOUR talks to Schramm beds to let you know…

Is the motto ‘the better the bed, the better the sleep’ entirely the truth? No.The bed – a symbol of convenience, relaxation and regeneration – needs to be perfectly suited to you. Temperature, material and shape are all things Schramm work with to make dreams turn to reality.

Natural materials

“We use pure new wool from French free range sheep, cotton, silk, linen and cashmere, the finest country down and fluffy camel hari from ecologically sustainable origins, making sure that comfort and temperature.

“Our mattress pad Lotus Nature-Cotton comes with a filling of 100% natural cotton and provides for a perfectly temperatured, healthy and absolutely natural sleeping climate – not only for purists.Torrid heat during the day, freezing cold during the night. Which animal would better be able to put up with these extreme conditions but a camel? Camel hair – or better yet fluff – is very soft and silkily smooth. These properties allow for an excellent moisture removal while regulating the temperature and thereby producing an excellent sleeping climate.”

“Goose down was already used in ancient times for filling exceptionally soft pillows and cushions. It’s the down’sparticular structure thatgivethem an outstanding thermal insulating quality. Experience this luxury yourself – on our new mattress pads LotusNature Down and LotusNature Down Light.”

“LotusNature-Cashmere-Silk – a fabulous composition from classiest materials for conoisseurs. The nature-cashmere-silk filling makes this luxurious mattress pad an experience of true wellness.Divinafeatures thermally tempered 9-coil springs, bamboo, silk, cashmere and pure new wool allow for an irresistible dreamlike sleeping comfort.”


“Unsurpassed style and classy elegance – two terms which may indeed be expected from a Grand Cru -have found their ultimate expression in our headboard Prado.”

“Our new headboard Polo iscovered inmohair wool – just like the famous cuddly toy bears with the buttoned ear – is produced by the renowned Steiff manufactory and available in the colours grey, beige, brown and taupe.”

“Demonstrating handprecision craft, the hand-sewn leather cording underlines the three-dimensionality of the cover. Together with the buttoned stitching it adds that certain something to the new Opal Plus headboard.”

“As its name already implies, our manufatory pocket spring mattress Mythos is simply legendary: From now on, an additional layer of silk and linen will increase the resting comfort even more whereas the sophisticated formula and an additional stitching row will provide for an even more sensitive and more homogeneous adaptation to the body.”

Head toschrammwerkstaetten.deto get yourself some luxury dreams…