Luxury cars and elite emerging artists together in one iconic showroom

18 Apr 2015
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With the launch of the Dynamic Arts Programme by bespoke British car company, Morgan Motor Company, we see the finest up and coming talent, displayed alongside the uniquely designed Morgan Cars.

Mary and Daisy Millner will become the latest curators of theLondon Morgan art space, with their exhibition opening on the 17th April in the South Kensington showroom. The mother-daughter team are collaborating forthe first time during this innovative programme that hosts regular exhibitions from the elite of London’s emerging artists. The legendary luxury brand who are famed for their British craftsmanship, Morgan cars, are themselves works of art and a perfect accompaniment to the Milner’s Legend Exhibition. With a mere 1000 Morgan cars being produced a year, they ensure that each one is uniquely hand crafted from a wooden frame and remains as originalas possible.

The Milner’s Legend exhibitionwill be displayedat the infamous dealershipfrom Friday17thApril until 1stMay and will showcase a seriesof paintings, carvings and sculptures. The theme of Legend, after Man Ray’s exhibition,will be exploredby lookingat both historical and contemporary views of legends as a subject, from the romantic icons in Medieval arts to the contemporary, with thefantastical capabilities of CGI film.With both artists takingtheirinspiration from subjects such as transformation and magic, Mary’s work is particularly focused on the fairy tale legend, using myths and tales to form the narrative into her boldsurrealist landscapes, whilst Daisy focuses more on the illusion of legends. Her decorative carvings and drawings of waterfalls, sleeping figures andlovers all reflect thewhimsical side of the natural, physical world.

The Dynamic Arts Programmecomes from a continuing artistic period forLondon Morgan and they considerit a testament to the capital’s flourishing arts scene. They feel it aptly reflects the expansion of artistic space from out of the confines of a typical gallery to fresher, more inspired locations, and is simply part of a growing trend. Speaking ahead of the exhibition,London Morgan’s dealer principal,Anthony Barrell, said:‘It is a great pleasure for London Morgan to lend our showrooms to exhibit the beautiful work of these talented artists and to celebrate the individualism of their true artistry.Our continuous support for the arts reflects the anarchic spirit and artistic exclusivity that can be found in each of our cars’. This is indeed true, with London Morgan having already partnered with Brompton design district, a subsidiary of the London design festival, in which they will be collaborating on further artistic and cultural endevours to provide moreinternational designers with a creative platform to exhibit their work during September of this year.

Milners’ Legendexhibition at London Morgan

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