Luxurious Elegance with Küppersbusch

02 Jul 2014
2 min read
We give you two of Küppersbusch’s newest premium kitchen appliances, including the copper and hot chili editions…

Hot Chili

Küppersbusch brings the colour of passion in thekitchen: the intense red of the new “Hot Chili” edition is uncompromising andself-confident – and just as fiery and “hot” as the spice. Küppersbusch sets eyecatching
accents with this colour and offers eight products from the currentrange with the red design kit.

Andrea Heiner-Kruckas, Marketing Director of Küppersbusch: “The intense redstands for warmth, energy and passion. As of now, our customers can convertthis colour trend in their kitchen. And of course we are very proud that we havealready received two design awards for this edition.”

Two products from the “Hot Chili” Edition were already awarded the renownedred dot award in the category “product design”: the built-in compact oven EEBK6260.0 and the built-in steam oven EDG 6260.0. In addition to the compact unitsKüppersbusch offers the fiery red design kit also for two chimney cooker hoods,as well as an oven.


Trend researchers are referring to a new colourtrend that is featured in all design and everydaysectors and that is becoming increasingly popular: copper. The precious metal conveys warmth and can be combined withmany different colours and materials. And therefore copper also perfectly fits ina bathroom or kitchen. Küppersbusch picks up on this trend with its CopperEdition and introduces a copper – design kit for selected kitchen appliances.The concept is already known from the Küppersbusch Individual Concept: Thecustomer can choose between a black and a white appliance. In addition, he canindividualise the product with coloured handles and decorative trim to suit hispersonal preference. As of now, Küppersbusch offers these design elements inthe new colour Copper.

The Copper Edition is completed by island and chimney hoods, a refrigeratorand warming drawers. All products can be individualised as well.Even the jurors from the red dot award were impressed by the new Copper
Edition and awarded the built-in oven EEB 6550.8 in black with a red dot in thecategory “product design”.

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