Literature and media week in historic Stein

15 Jan 2016
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Prestigious boarding school in Germany celebrates the 15th year of its literary festival from 22-29 January…
Stories for the mindin Stein

The literature and media week has taken place at Schule Schloss Stein since 2001. This year marks the 15thevent, which was started by two of the prestigious private Bavarian boarding school’s staff who have remained true to their project ever since.

Stein presents itself not only as an educational establishment but also as a cultural centre and meeting place, with the festival having become a fixture of the area’s cultural calendar.

Stein’s Literature and Media Week takes place from22-29 January 2016in the school’s beautiful historic surroundings and consists of three parts: Prominent and award-winning authors and poets such as Uwe Tim, Rainer Kunze, ThomasBrussig and Josef Haslinger are invited to read excerpts from their own works. Famous entertainers, comedians and musicianssuch as Gerhard Polt, Dieter Hildebrandt, Hagen Rether, Biermösl Blosn, Wellküren and Axel Zwingenberger have also appeared at the festival. The third element and an insider’s highlight is a performance by the school’s own theatre group. This year will see the staging of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, the pupils are also involved in the organisation and the documentation of the week’s events.

Evening events include |

A reading by the author Hans Pleschinski |Königsallee,22 January 2016, 19:30

An evening of comedy by Christian Springer |Oben ohne,25 January 2016, 19:30

A reading by the author Miroslav Nemec |Miroslav – Jugoslav, 26 January 2016, 19:30

Music and songs by Michael Fitz |Liedermaching,27 January 2016, 19:30

A reading by the author Norbert Scheuer |Die Sprache der Vögel, 28 January 2016, 19:30

A musical experience by the Biermösl-Brüder and Wellküren-Schwestern: |Fein sein beinander bleibn,29 January 2016, 19:30(at the Felsenkeller, Schlossbrauerei Stein)

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